What do all the cool kids use instead of vent these days?

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User Info: Cacofiend

4 years ago#11
I prefer mumble, although i have also used teamspeak, skype and vent. There was recently a special deal on mumble servers assuming you don't just use the free public ones.

User Info: soildsnakemgs1

4 years ago#12
I use Dolby Axon myself, you can set up different rooms for different groups of people, and even divide rooms and split up if you need to. Switched to it from Skype due to skypes happen of freezing up and using way too much cpu.
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User Info: Ghengi5Tr0n

4 years ago#13
Hipsters play WoW? I thought they play Guild Wars 2.
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User Info: BobTDonut

4 years ago#14
Mumble is superior in every way compared to Vent. There is absolutely no contest.

User Info: AdelbertSteiner

4 years ago#15
I use RaidCall. I feel like a rebel.
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User Info: ATiRadeonHD

4 years ago#16
I prefer Ventrilo. The delay isn't very noticeable if your guild has been using it for a long time. Mumble and RaidCall are technically superior though.
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User Info: bengab0y0

4 years ago#17
Skype for arena.

User Info: Vdashone

4 years ago#18
Mumble is the chosen one.

User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#19
My guild uses Teamspeak and to be honest we have no reason to change it.. We've been raiding since TBC together and the settings has been the same on my computer ever since.
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User Info: Dinodude007

4 years ago#20
Skype for Arena.
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  3. What do all the cool kids use instead of vent these days?

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