This game is over eight years old...

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User Info: RanmaRanma

4 years ago#31
It's because as time goes on and on, people invest more and more into the game, and they don't want to leave that behind for another game. Things like items, characters, gear and even friends all add up over the years.

There have been other great MMOs, but none that much better, if any at all. You can make a better game, but if it's anywhere from worse to marginally better, people won't trade years of work to start all over. And even if you decide to change to another MMO, you still have to convince your friends.

That's why it's hard to topple WoW. It's like asking people to leave Facebook or Twitter for another similar site, why even bother unless it's a hell of a lot better, and it probably won't be.

User Info: ryanell666

4 years ago#32
LaManoNeraII posted...
Because it's good and despite what many angry nerds think, Blizzard does a great job monitoring and reacting to player feedback. WoW continues to adapt and evolve while still (most importantly) remaining WoW.

In short, this poster was one of the invisible majority that cried and blackmailed Blizzard to turn certain convenient features into full blown handicaps.

User Info: thronedfire2

4 years ago#33
I could see you, but I couldn't hear you You were holding your hat in the breeze Turning away from me In this moment you were stolen...

User Info: patsfan2312

4 years ago#34
Because its good. The same reason I still play games that are from the 90s. Really good games will last and always appeal to gamers.
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  3. This game is over eight years old...

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