Downloading for the first time. What should I know?

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User Info: SalsaSavant

4 years ago#1
What sites are good guides?
What servers are recommended?
Alliance or Horde?
Anything else a noob should know?
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Started 12/02/12
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User Info: Right_Chus_1

4 years ago#3
Step 1: Illegally download things!

Im sure he wasnt ready for that one.

User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

4 years ago#4 is probably the "best" site for most people(in regards to stat priority, rotation, etc). I know that WoW insider has a newbie guide(not sure how good/up to date it is, but its better than nothing). Link is

Any high population server is good tbqh, you can go to and check the realm to make sure you dont pick the "wrong" side on a server though(if you want it to be even/favor "your" faction).

I prefer Horde. Either side is fine though, I just prefer the horde races.

Read your spell tooltips.
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User Info: Enix

4 years ago#5
sevendash posted...
Read up on installing addons and try one out for questing. They will help out your leveling experience. Zygor is good, and can be found on torrent sites. Never pay for any addons.

Absolutely not this. Do not install add ons to begin with, not for a while. Learn how the actual game works first. The games UI system is all you need for quest locations, where to go, etc. it's really good. Enjoy your first play thru and the immersion from the zones, especially the 1-60. It's been redone since the game was originally released.
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  3. Downloading for the first time. What should I know?

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