Brewmaster gear?

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User Info: MugenNoKaze

4 years ago#1
What am I supposed to be stacking as a Brewmaster for effective tanking?

I'm level 46 atm. Keep getting killed during instances, lol.
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User Info: oldfart81

4 years ago#2
get better healers

User Info: Right_Chus_1

4 years ago#3
You dont stack anything at level 46. Gear at that level doesnt really have many tanking stats, if any at all so its just mainly agil/stam gear.

To me it sounds like you might not have heirlooms and you are getting in dire maul with the ogres that hit like trucks. Thats the hardest part of all leveling for a tank is that place because one false move and you are more than likely dead expecially with an equally inexperienced healer. Once you get through that part of leveling it shouldnt be as bad, no other places have mobs that hit that hard and as long as you dont pull like an idiot you should be fine.

Thats it as far as gear goes, if you are actually playing properly is a completely different story.

User Info: Amakusa

4 years ago#4
It seriously doesn't matter that much... but I stack Haste for faster energy regen.
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