should Durumu the Forgotten get a nerf?

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  3. should Durumu the Forgotten get a nerf?

User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
4 years ago#1
now think about it

most of the fights leading up to Durumu were all nerfed. We now have a slow steady pace of ramp up in difficulty, and then you get to Durumu and it just shoots through the roof and goes back down again.

This fight requires all raid members to communicate, all of them to have awareness, and all the mechanics are pretty much fail and the fight ends.

the maze phase is difficult to learn, every single person has failed at this at least once. dipping into eye sore at least for a second kills you. it's way too unforgiving and that's just the minor roadblock in this fight for an average guild.
the biggest issue is the light spectrum and life drain at the same time. I feel as if this requires too much coordination for an average guild and this will be the main problem for most of them trying to clear this boss.

i would suggest nerfing the eye sore damage and making it so life drain can't happen during a light spectrum phase.
this isn't a qq post, my guild actually downed him last night, but the ramp up in difficult from jikun and then the drop down to Primordius is huge. It's way more of a gap than Elegon/Ambershaper ever was.
Rogue PvP in a nutshell.

User Info: Kokeii

4 years ago#2
I kind of agree with you. We wiped for a solid few hours on him this past raid week. It's just one of those fights where it's so easy to just completely fall apart. There's not a lot of room for error. Which obviously is fine, I'm really not complaining per se, it's just a bit much for a normal mode encounter, IMO. I'm sure there will be many people coming in to say how we're crying for a nerf and bad or whatever, but honestly for a couple-night-a-week, quite casual quite, it is a somewhat difficult hurdle to leap over.

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#3
Nerf the graphical effects of eye sore and I'll be fine.

I raid with a bunch of Arabs for whatever reason and they keep lagging out during that phase. I tell them to stop playing WoW on toasters and they tell me I don't understand how it is over there. >.>
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User Info: BobTDonut

4 years ago#4
No. The other fights were nerfed because they didn't line up to their 25 man counterparts. Not to mention that is the 7th fight into the tier. It's past the halfway point and is far from the learning fights. If your raid group can't put it together, then get better.

User Info: xFilth

4 years ago#5
I hope they don't nerf him. He's the best boss of normal mode as is, imo. A great boss to test trials on. If you can't do the maze without getting killed after 5+ tries, you're just bad.

If anything, the 2 bosses after him are too easy.

User Info: realast_killaz1

4 years ago#6
get good

User Info: twinslash

4 years ago#7
the way I see it, Durumu should not be the first boss of that "wing" as he is easily the hardest out of him, primordius, and the dark animus. Durumu took my guild 4 days of working on him and the other 2 took 2-4 attempts each. If anything they should have put Primordius as the first boss, Dark animus as the 2nd, and then Durumu as the final boss of that "wing".
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  3. should Durumu the Forgotten get a nerf?

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