*sits in queue for LFR for 30 minutes* *queue pops...raid is half done*

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  3. *sits in queue for LFR for 30 minutes* *queue pops...raid is half done*

User Info: Ashen_Verdict

4 years ago#11
Twice have I queued for part 2 of ToT and both times they were at Ji-Kun. Kind of annoying but hey, quick valor.
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User Info: thecrazyfrog

4 years ago#12
> Queue for boss 1
> 3/3... no thanks
> Accidently joins LFG when resigning, quits, goes afk for 30 mins before resigning... and swearing this won't happen next week
> 2/3... no.

Every week...

User Info: MajinUltima

4 years ago#13
My Mage had that happen 3x this week in TOT LFR queues. 2/3, I left. 2/3, I finished AND won a trinket I eneded. 2/3 again, I finished and won a chest piece and Ji-Kun pet.

I consider the fact that I'm winning loot as karmic payment for me getting stuck in 2/3 queues. It's really bs that I have to do a 40-60min queue TWICE for the same instance just because some neckbeards can't hack the difficulty of LFR.
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User Info: Rayray1985

4 years ago#14
I'll take your half hour wait and partial run over my last experience. A forty five minute wait then a server restart warning.
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User Info: Orestes417

4 years ago#15
Except for ToT, I prefer to get one on the last boss, Faster valor
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User Info: steveoSEK

4 years ago#16
i want a full clear when i do it because i'm a loot whore. not only that, i need a boss in the middle of HOF and TOES.
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User Info: pres_madagascar

4 years ago#17
Had it happen with ToT tonighy lol.
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User Info: Black_Mage_Meee

4 years ago#18
I don't recall ever getting into the same partially done lfr twice in a row. Usually it's something like 2/3 -> finish -> requeue -> fresh raid.

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#19
Haven't done LFR in ages except for once last week. I was ecstatic that they had just finished a wipe on Ji-Kun, quick in-and-out VP, and all I did was grab a feather and dick around. :>
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User Info: Sketchie

4 years ago#20
Typically if I enter a raid that is half-done, I finish it anyway, and then queue up for the same raid, hopefully, to start from the beginning. I then leave the raid after I've defeated all the bosses sans the one or two defeated from the previous raid. It's not worth the time and torture going through it again, seeing how LFR is, well, LFR.

I'm sure people do it all the time, anyway, so don't feel guilty about it. :p
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  3. *sits in queue for LFR for 30 minutes* *queue pops...raid is half done*

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