Gimme an honest answer 'bout the state of the game.

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User Info: thronedfire2

4 years ago#31
I log in once a week to do LFR. wooo
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User Info: theject

4 years ago#32
Major Gamer posted...
From: angrywalrus13 | #010
Better than it's ever been, if we're not being nostalgia fiends.

This is the right answer.

This as well.

It really is good. I've played since classic launch and this is probably the most fun I've ever had because there is something for all of my friends and family in the game. I can do my hardcore and difficult stuff, they can do their easy mode stuff and still feel accomplished and as thought they are having fun. The story as others have said is represented well for the first time ever. The story is also debateable, some love it, some hate it. I like it all realy, lots of funny and silly stuff. Transmogging is fun as it has been since launch. I've found you only NEED like 3-4 mods now, they've put literally everything else in the game including loot tables.

The only "excessive" thing in the game is gold. I would say that has gotten ridiculous, along with maybe stat scaling but when you think of it, that doesn't matter, it's all arbitrary anyways. I use percents now instead of the actual numbers, it'll make seeing mana/health, easier in the future.

The cross realm stuff is good and bad. LFR is optional and only assists in getting "raid ready" when in actual truth, normal modes can be completed with just heroic 5-man level blues and a few rep items. Don't let the clearly angry people cloud your judgement on this either. I'm not telling you to play and this is only opinion, but it's the best It has ever been and the people whining are literally just pissed off because they're not special snowflakes for doing normal stuff now where as before they could faceroll/power pug and get the same loot as a raiding guild, now its a step down and makes them less special, because the truth is only a very small percent of players actually have cleared and can clear heroic raid content because no matter how you spin it, it's more difficult than content in the past.

Take everything with a grain of salt. Even my opinion.
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User Info: metroidfreakv4

4 years ago#33
I think I am having more fun than I ever have in this game. From vanilla wow (3 months prior to bc) to now. I hated cata, and wrath was good until toc, then that year of no new content. I will say I believe this Is the best xpack to date because there is always something to do; and. I never even touched dailies since like.. January.

User Info: cyborg99sreturn

4 years ago#34
So apparently, I can't even go to Pandaland on this 7 day trial, even though I could on the last one I got.
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