I'm stunned by people's stupidity, but I shouldn't be.

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  3. I'm stunned by people's stupidity, but I shouldn't be.

User Info: ouFIJI

4 years ago#1
Have been leveling my Warrior as Prot (level 32 or so at the moment) and queueing as DPS, not as tank. I'd say 70% or so of the time within a minute or two someone will ask something to the effect of "How/why do we have two tanks?" This is certainly a fair question, so I reply by explaining I am not the tank and will not be trying to do the tank's job, but rather provide DPS. Okay. Seeing as Prot Warrior DPS is literally so stupidly high between Shield Slam, Revenge, and Devastate, you would think this would be a welcome addition to any group. Mind you, the past three dungeons I have averaged around 600 DPS, while all other DPS typically is in the low to mid 200 range, while either tripling or quadrupling the next person's total damage done for the dungeon.

I have encountered more pissed off players than I ever have in over 6 years of playing and running dungeons. DPS curse me and tanks seem to be pissed off merely for the fact that I have a sword and shield equipped. I'm also not a spaz like so many others and actually let the tank pull and establish aggro, so it's not like I'm making their lives hell or anything. Even if I did steal aggro every single pull (which again, I don't) it would still actually make things smoother because I'm always stacked on the tank and that would just mean the mobs are packed even tighter together.

WoW being WoW, I typically don't expect people to be intelligent or reasonable, as there are no serious consequences for lacking in either department. I guess it's just kind of sad to think how pathetic you have to be to feel jealous or threatened in WoW by another player that is proving themself valuable.

Cheers to the (seemingly) few players out there that appreciate variety and much faster dungeon runs.


tl;dr - Too much Shield Slam QQ, I do so much pewpew.

User Info: AnaTheCat

4 years ago#2
You could be tanking for another group. A dps without the proper specialty or equipment will always be looked down upon regardless of anything. You're just setting yourself up.

User Info: DeanWhipper

4 years ago#3
I'd say the real problem is Prot doing more damage than any dps spec in a lot of level brackets, especially considering how much easier it is than any dps spec.

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User Info: B1g_Clown

4 years ago#4
I'd be mad too if some nerd tank queued as dps to make the run "faster". Only to be yelled at by the whole group. o wow yeah causing unnecessary drama sure makes runs faster /sarcasm

User Info: Slyk90

4 years ago#5
Imagine a 5man with 4 brew masters and a healer. Unstoppable
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User Info: dermoratraken

4 years ago#6
One day i was driving down the road and couldn't get over how bad people were at driving. It's like nobody knows what cruise control or turn signals are. It then occurred to me that these are the same people i have to play wow with - the ones that fail at everything then blame you.

So if it makes you feel better, just think that by 'entertaining' them with shield slam, you are quite possibly saving someone's life out in the real world.

User Info: Dawnshadow

4 years ago#7
While your logic does make sense-- I often queued my priest as healer/DPS ,and played disc no matter what my role because shadow is lower DPS until the mid-70s-- why not just queue as tank? You'll be doing pretty much the same thing, only without the wait for the tank to grab aggro, and your queues will be faster.
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User Info: MCC1701

4 years ago#8
From your perspective, you don't see anything wrong. However this is what they see from their perspective:

I am a DPS. A fellow DPS ques and turns out he is a tank. I point it out and he makes a big deal about better DPS as a tank. I feel bad for low DPS already, plus he keeps causing issues with the other group members.

I am a healer. While healing is fairly easy, I keep my focus on one tank. Since there are two players taking damage, I'm having to split my attention. It is annoying and I don't want to be blamed if we wipe. Overall this leads to more mana breaks and slows us down, or at least prevents us from chain pulling.

I am a tank. I enjoy being the tank and I do a good job. I can keep agro well and deal good damage because mobs hit me. However this DPS is taking agro and making my job harder. I have lower threat and lower damage, and have to work extra hard to keep mobs on me. Even if we finish faster, it isn't worth it to me.

I'm not saying that you being prot would not make it faster, but not all groups can accommodate that, just like in WOTLK near the end groups would have the healer go DPS to speed things up, but you can't do it with every group.
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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#9
Dawnshadow posted...
why not just queue as tank?

Because that will make alot of sense.
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User Info: LatiasSA

4 years ago#10
Pre-90 dungeoning will honestly bring about the worst in players moreso than anything else in the game. Especially with the lower levels it gets, the more ridiculous it will be and in more ways than just one. In fact, my worst experiences tend to be with the 15-30 bracket seemingly harboring some hardcore irritable elitists.
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  3. I'm stunned by people's stupidity, but I shouldn't be.

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