seriously blizzard?

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(message deleted)

User Info: LanceFlugerman

4 years ago#32
Thread is a train wreck.
Damn, GameFAQs is dying.

User Info: Wyrmwarrior5

4 years ago#33
LanceFlugerman posted...
Thread is a train wreck.

Personally, I like where this topic went. = best website ever.

User Info: Dinodude007

4 years ago#34
Wait those bosses are supposed to drop other loot than gold? And to think all this time I have been running it just for the bag of gold.
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User Info: seasloth21

4 years ago#35
what's a cease pool? I believe the word you are looking for is cesspool

User Info: scaryshivers

4 years ago#36
I'd rather get gold than get a same piece of gear twice tbh.
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User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

4 years ago#37
XtraT posted...
Friggin kids these days, in my time LFR didn't even give gold and you didn't have the opportunity to roll multiple times on the same boss by using coins.

What did I just read...
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