I never understood extreme undercutting...

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User Info: Chrazid

4 years ago#1
I looted a second Tome of the Lost Legion that I'm trying to sell...the going rate seems to be 15k on my realm at the moment so that's what I put mine for. I checked the AH just now and see:


What's the purpose of such massive undercutting?

User Info: scarecrows

4 years ago#2
Buy it and repost it, enjoy your 8k for no work.
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User Info: Dawnshadow

4 years ago#3
Either someone not doing their research, someone who wanted to be nice and give someone a cheap copy, or someone who just wanted it GONE.
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User Info: Psoloquoise

4 years ago#4
scarecrows posted...
Buy it and repost it, enjoy your 8k for no work.

This guy gets it.

User Info: metroidfreakv4

4 years ago#5
What they said. Hell, here's a better way
Buy em all up, post them on different toons. That way you don't look like your monopolizing, it sounds stupid but I know many people who have the mentality that they will buy them from someone else because of the name/ undercut cause they are all so high from the same person. Have your main post em at 10k, then an alt at 8k, and others floating between 7-9k. You just now stabilized the market to stay around there, and making your 7-8k seem more reasonable compared to the 10k

It sounds really dumb, but I always notice a significant difference in my gains with the extra 5 minutes of effort. If your really in the need of gold of course

User Info: LanceFlugerman

4 years ago#6
Its in game currency. Unless you're selling gold it's pretty well useless.
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User Info: WesternWizard

4 years ago#7
Actually the first two posters are wrong.

Extreme undercutting can be extremely profitable in cut-throat markets where you have no lifers that check auctions every 15 minutes in real life and undercut with 1 copper to win by sheer presence.

You can't beat them normally, so if you undercut 50% or so, they will be forced to either do the same and make much less profit, or buy your auctions and relist them. Either way, as long as you undercut by a % that you still make a profit, you are making gold, they are not.

Buying a cheap auction and reselling it doesn't guarantee a sale, whereas selling at very lower prices almost always does.

Sure you might spend 3k on mats and make 7k profit (random example), but if it takes you 72 hours to sell 1 such item, and I can make the same item for 3k mats and make 1k profit, but sell 8 of those in 24 hours, I'm making slightly more gold, but in the end, I'll beat you in gold/per month.

Ultimately, extreme undercutting can be very lucrative, but is only required if you have an undercut war market, otherwise it is a slower method.

User Info: Rockeign

4 years ago#8
It's my money and I want it now!

User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

4 years ago#9
I hate people who undercut by 1 copper or 1 silver more. I can buy up the extreme undercut and resell it and make loads of gold, but the one copper/silver undercutters just piss me off(I actually never buy from people who do that, if there are two auctions and one is one silver/copper lower, I'll buy the more expensive one 99% of the time).
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User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

4 years ago#10
My rule for AH:

-Undercut by 5% gold on buyout.
-List for 24h unless it's rare enough to not have any others listed.
-Never list more than 5 stacks unless it's something I know is guaranteed not to fluctuate in price.

Am I rich with this? No.
I get around 10k and end up buying things to bring it back down. (Weapon enchant, mounts, pets, etc)
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