Which profession is cheaper to max Jewelcraft or Enchanting? 5.2

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  3. Which profession is cheaper to max Jewelcraft or Enchanting? 5.2

User Info: Tangji

4 years ago#1
Just started playing again. Just wondering which is cheaper jewelcraft or enchanting to max from 525-600? I just need to max out one for now.

User Info: Ghostfeet

4 years ago#2
With enchant if you've got a 90 you can just solo a whack of dungeons to DE for mats, but if you're buying mats off the AH then it'd depend on your servers market.
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User Info: Mike Xtreme

Mike Xtreme
4 years ago#3
That really depends if you're farming your own mats or buying the bulk of them

User Info: Cacofiend

4 years ago#4
Unless you already have a stash of greens in your bank enchanting will take a lot longer in my experience. Big hurdles will hit you around 250 to 300 (end vanilla), most of wotlk and most of cata due to lack of mats on AH. You'll likely end up farming dungeons for mats to disenchant as well as crafting tailoring/JC/BS/LW on an alt if you have one for extra mats to disenchant.

JC you may hit a barrier from around 250-300 but that can be avoided to large extent by farming blasted lands for Thorium. You may have a brief minor barrier during wotlk or cata but if you play it clever you will be able to buy mats from AH quite cheaply.

See below guide for mats needed to power level efficiently so you can check prices/quanity on your server AH.



User Info: Lostout

4 years ago#5
Most likely enchanting since the introduction of LFD there always seems to be a ready supply of cheap ench mats across all levels. Ore on the other hand always seems to be very expensive and has only gotten worse since CRZ.
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User Info: Jellyfloater

4 years ago#6
Reading is really hard. TC specified 525-600... For which I would say that JC is probably easier, assuming you have a miner. Ghost Iron is ridiculously plentiful.

User Info: lunchbox2042

4 years ago#7
I wouldn't know because I've always used my jewelcrafting to feed my enchanting, although I do seem to always get a lot of mats at 600 enchanting without using jc now.
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User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

4 years ago#8
I found Ench to be a breeze in the MoP tier. So many things were worth 5 skill ups.
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  3. Which profession is cheaper to max Jewelcraft or Enchanting? 5.2

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