how many lvl 80 + characters do you have???

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  3. how many lvl 80 + characters do you have???

User Info: femmefatale7

4 years ago#21
3 90s, an 85 and an 84
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User Info: TwoForTragedy

4 years ago#22
1 90 Warrior
1 70 DK
1 48 Monk

that's all, I detest leveling.

User Info: Taaron

4 years ago#23

I have 8 level 90s, a level 87 (almost 88), and 2 level 85s.
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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
4 years ago#24
1 of each class
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User Info: Gryfter

4 years ago#25

90 Mage

85 Hunter
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User Info: Jellyfloater

4 years ago#26
90 warlock, 85 mage, 90 monk.

User Info: lunchbox2042

4 years ago#27
At least one of every class except warlock with some doubles of others.
GT: Mr Fn Lunchbox

User Info: mindshok

4 years ago#28
34 characters past level 85 , one for every spec in the game. Out of those only 2 are 90 and there are sever between 85 and 90 such as 88's.

User Info: That_70s_show

4 years ago#29
Let's see.

90 Hunter
90 Shaman
88 Warrior
85 Monk
85 Mage
85 Priest
81 Druid

So 7.
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User Info: LinktheMan46

4 years ago#30
I have:

90 Warlock
90 Monk
85 Shaman
86 Rogue
85 Paladin
85 Warrior
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  3. how many lvl 80 + characters do you have???

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