Green Fire gear requirement question

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User Info: Amakusa

4 years ago#11
MajinUltima posted...
The only thing screwing me over was that the 2 Felhunter packs are fairly micro-intensive and I'm just not that good at it.

I just finished the Green Fire quest and here's what I did.

Normally with Burning Embers I dumped them on the boss right after I stun him from Cataclysm, but the go before the felhunters I keep them all and throw one Chaos Bolt apiece at the felhunters (after moving the Pitlord around a pillar so they can't dispel the Enslave), then I Fire and Brimstoned Immolate onto them. Chaos Bolt another felhunter when it comes up (you will get at least one), but throw your Conflags and Incinerations into one dog when you dont have one.

They should all be dead or close to dead by the time the boss is ready to cast Cataclysm again.

Pit Lord should be behind one of the pillars next to the big portal while you're running toward the other one; it absolutely sucks if the Felhunters dispel your control while you're playing with them.

One thing though, if you don't refresh your Enslave Demon before the second Felhunter pack comes out, the spell WILL break by then. Best time to refresh it is while the boss is summoning the first Doom Guard.
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User Info: MajinUltima

4 years ago#12
Yeah I had to tell a guildie about dismissing and resummoning cuz he was dying on the 2nd Felhunter pack. I'm REALLY bad at the LOS strat with the Pit Lord. I got tired of it and stopped bothering after ~2-3 hours of attempts. On a few later attempts, I actually had mixed success standing at the back side of the portal and aggroing the Felhunters onto me. (Their devour magic seems to be a 100yd frontal cone so if they're not facing the Pit Lord, you might be able to avoid it altogether.)

That said, screw it til I get better gear. I usually opt to play Aff anyway which doesn't use any affected spells.
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User Info: F_Rein

4 years ago#13
I beat the fight yesterday without resorting to LOSing Chaos Bolts, didn't need that by using Demonic Gateway to drop aggro whenever it was off CD.

A few things that might help:

-If Kanrethad stacks a bunch of debuffs on you and there's no time to Singe Magic them off, don't be afraid to cleanse them off using the Pit Lord's firebreath, works like a charm for everything but Curse of Doom.

-For Fel Imps, drop a couple of Rain of Fires on the portal, Shadowfury then Fire & Brimstone Immolate on them to keep steady AoE-damage, then finish off the remaining few Imps. Rinse and repeat.

-For the Felhunters, make sure you've dropped your threat prior to that phase so that Kanrethad keeps on targeting your Pit Lord after you've moved it out of Devour Magic-range, then pop Shadowfury and other CDs to burn them down quickly before resuming DPS on Kanrethad again.

-For both Doom Lords, you can let the Pit Lord keep threat on one of them while you Banish the other, just to keep your focus on Kanrethad.

-When he's down to simply summoning Fel Imps over and over, stack a few Rain of Fires on them to gain a steady flow of Embers, Kanrethad's HP should be around the 20%-range by now, so spam Shadowburn to get him down quickly.

Macros are immensely useful to keep things under control, here's a couple:

/target Kanrethad
/cast Charge

Easy Cataclysm-interrupt.

/cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath

To cleanse your debuffs if necessary.

/script PetDismiss()
/target Pit Lord
/cast Enslave Demon

Extremely useful for worst case-scenarios, with the minor glyph you should easily be able to keep your Pit Lord under control with this one.

User Info: LinktheMan46

4 years ago#14
The imp phase is extremely easy. Use the Fel Flame Breath macro posted above so Fel Flame Breath targets you, stand between your Pit Lords and the Imps, and pop that macro. Your Pit Lord will pop Fel Flame Breath and kill all of them.
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