Mistweaver PvP, Any good?

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User Info: bravo1

4 years ago#1
Topic says it all. Normally a Brewmaster but I have the honor and JP to purchase a pvp set. Mistweaver worth a damn?
To elaborate: will mostly be doing [Rated] BGs

User Info: Dinodude007

4 years ago#2
MW monk isn't seen very often in RBGS. You may still get in a group though just because of Ring of peace. MW monk doesnt heal others very well in pvp. You have to channel soothing mist to do almost all your healing spells and you can easily get interrupted or counterspelled. MW are good at healing themselves or a one other person imo It's easy to heal yourself with healing spheres so when their dps is training on you its better I think to keep yourself up but harder to heal others. Most likely though you are going to get trained so hard as MW in rbgs and you won't be able to heal others for crap because they are just going to interrupt you.
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