Rogues are the most annoying class to fight.

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User Info: Rockeign

4 years ago#11
Rogues hate fighting me as a WW Monk. Here's how the fight usually goes:

1) Sap
2) Open
3) If their opening only drops me below half health, I eat it. If they're dropping me fast (which means they popped CDs), I Nimble Brew and turn around and Paralyze.
4) Throw out Chi Wave as it doesn't break Para, Energizing Brew (which pops Healing Elixirs) and drop Healing Spheres, then I Disable.
5) Jab spam to get enough for Tiger Palm and Rising Sun Kick.
6) At this point I Fist of Fury. They might've Vanished after I hit them with Disable so I just drop Healing Spheres some more.
7) Sap
8) Open again. If they didn't hit you hard before, they might now with CDs. In that case you Nimble Brew. If they did it to you before and you popped it, you should live through this opening before the stun ends.
9) Ring of Peace immediately. Disable them again, this is the part where they might Prep and then Vanish.
10) This time when they open on you, you pop Xuen. If they Blind you before you pop Xuen, eat the Blind. Trinket their next opening ASAP, they have no more hard resets after this last Blind. If you got Xuen out, let him beat on the Rogue while you eat the Blind and then continue beating on him as he has no more hard resets.

After that point it's just you and the Rogue trying to out skill each other. Most I've fought just resort to Shuriken spamming at this point but WW Monks can catch up to a Rogue doing that easy. Remember to Chi Wave on CD and you'll want to have Healing Elixirs if you're ever playing solo.

If you ever hear them Dance, you Nimble Brew ASAP and Ring of Peace. Never eat a Dance if you don't have to, a good Rogue can 100% a WW Monk in a dance. That's the entire reason why you try to eat the first stun lock unless they popped Dance during it. If they catch you with a Dance/Blind and you don't have Brew/Trinket for it, that's GG.

And if you ever fight a Combat Rogue, lol. He can drop you in one Killing Spree if you let him. Either RoP or Touch of Karma through it and he's useless until he gets it back up. Plenty of time to destroy him.
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  3. Rogues are the most annoying class to fight.

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