Durumu(first boss in halls of flesh shaping) is amusing as hell in LFR.

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  3. Durumu(first boss in halls of flesh shaping) is amusing as hell in LFR.

User Info: Morgasaurus

4 years ago#31
Adjusting particle effects might make things easier to see. It's not that it isn't possible to see it with one setting, it's just that changing the settings makes it easier.

I'm actually very critical of this type of raid mechanic design. The raid mechanics should not be designed in such a way that changing graphic settings makes them easier or harder. The problem is how the "sliding scale" of particle effects actually affects the particles. This is easiest to see if you have a shaman. Cast Lava Burst on low settings versus ultra settings. Low has the exact same clumps of particles they are just rendered less often. This can sometimes spell disaster (or salvation) for the ability to see raid mechanics that depend on the particle density. e.g. A Yogg Saron gas with only 2-3 clumps of particles is much harder to see peripherally and it is much harder to detect the boundary of the gas and get an immediate idea of which direction it is going. I actually had this problem in my raiding guild in Wrath. I am normally an extremely raid-aware player, and I was consistently failing at the gas because at that time my computer was terrible and I had low particles. Once I raised my particles to ultra (which required me to eat a much lower frame rate for that encounter) I didn't mess up on the gas again.

The raid mechanics should be uniformly challenging regardless of your graphical settings. Otherwise you cannot actually make the claim that this game "runs on" the broad spectrum of computers that it does.
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User Info: LatiasSA

4 years ago#32
Orestes417 posted...
The mechanics are fine, it just has tremendously poorly chosen visuals on the maze.

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User Info: angrywalrus13

4 years ago#33
Finally did Halls of Flesh-Shaping last night and this boss was actually pretty fun. We wiped twice, but people stuck around and helped each other out and on our third try only one person died to the maze. Kind of rare for people to have that perseverance/kindness in LFR, but it was still cool.
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User Info: ChocoboMogALT

4 years ago#34
Lightning Bolt posted...
I really don't think we need to cater the visuals to blind people.
Blizzard probably will anyways, but I don't think they should.

I know a girl that is COMPLETELY color blind. She just could not see any of the swirls on Blackhorn and basically had to follow other people into the big one (and often got two-shot by the small ones on heroic). She has much less trouble with Durumu.

I did Durumu for the first time, yesterday, and had absolutely no trouble navigating the maze. In fact, it looked like you could tank most of the maze damage, so long as you don't eat the beam.
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User Info: pres_madagascar

4 years ago#35
Most men are color blind to some degree.
This is the prowess of CE. Romantic masters, clearly:
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  3. Durumu(first boss in halls of flesh shaping) is amusing as hell in LFR.

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