How are Hunters at BG, at level 90?

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User Info: Krozard

4 years ago#1
Just tried a BG on my old hunter, who I haven't played since DS.
I had a blast. (Granted, all of my kills were against the most predictable and bad Rogue's I've ever encountered...)

Only being level 86 at the moment, I expect Stampede will be pretty awesome in one level, and I can see myself doing rather well up until 90, where I hit the wall due to no pvp gear.

Once I actually build a pvp set, how are Hunters currently?
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User Info: Departed_Demon

4 years ago#2
What exactly do you mean by predictable?

User Info: Krozard

4 years ago#3
Departed_Demon posted...
What exactly do you mean by predictable?

was 2-3 different rogues who kept coming back

They'd run close on their mounts, then stealth and try to sneak up on my. Only after they stealthed, they just went straight (meaning I was able to use flare to expose them at least 6 times).

When they were about to lose, they'd run the same direction over the same path every time, which lead to me being able to throw an Ice Trap there before they ran, and every time they'd trip it, and I'd catch and kill them.

They'd always go for me above healers and more dangerous people as well. (At the end, 2 of them attacked me at once, while I was alone at the flag defending. I was doing fairly well against them, but the game ended before I was able to actually finish them off.)

They never stunned me either, just disorients (Gouge, Blind). No vanishes/Cloak of Shadows to try to escape/get the edge on me.

At one point one of them used a Smoke Bomb, which I walked into and promptly killed them.

Overall, pretty awful rogues.

I'd think they were bots except they differed enough each attempt and tried various things.
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User Info: luthienCross

4 years ago#4
My hunter is usually in top 5 as far as total damage goes
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User Info: OmniNakago

4 years ago#5
Sounds like you fought bots. There are too many of them in BGs atm.
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User Info: metroidfreakv4

4 years ago#6
I'm LOving my hunter right now. I feel so powerful as MM. It reminds me of cataclysm all over again. I was decked in full ruthless and cataclysmic back then and full 397 raiding gear and up so in both aspects I was killing it.

If you know what your doing, 2-3 on one is something you can handle better than most. Power shot hits like a truck. Highest number I've seen in competitive, fully geared players is 135k. You can put people on the defensive fast, and stay aggressive and tricky while defensive. In node matches we shine well. I can hold off on on my own easily cause of power shot. We have probably the cheapest dispells. A trick we did in rbgs (not really a trick) is me spamming tranquil with rapid fire on until the healer we focused had no buffs. I shoot out a silence and at the same time our rogues/ Mage silence the other two or so healers, and then I switch to offensive and Nuke the healer I dispelled and so does the team. It's been working well, because even if I'm focused unless I'm disarmed I can get out of any situation. Feign death, detterence, silence, scatter, traps, all of these really help mitigate damage. I really like running mm because I have more control, and in my opinion much better sustained and burst than bm. If your pet dies, your a wet noodle as bm. I like having glyph of whatever that heals for 5 or 10% when you disengage. You can get up to 20% then health back very quickly If you needed to. Chimera shot does the same heal application. An example I can think of off the top of my head is that today I was helping randoms cap. The badly geared healer I had dies. It was 2v1, dk and warrior. I finished the warrior off, but I was low. Around 101k hp. I silenced and started to kite the dk. I got him down to around 75% and he got a lucky death coil or something on me and I dropped to 60ish. I scatter trapped him (he trinkets the scatter, in the hopes of me being an easy kill. I disengage, chimera, readiness, scatter, disengage, chimera, to get to 140ish. Then popped silence shot and my damage CDs and dropped him within 5 seconds.

Fun class, honestly. And rbgs really have been asking for hunters on my realm. The best bonus is, if your good, you stand out fast among other hunters.
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