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User Info: RanmaRanma

4 years ago#21
Drewdadruid posted...
Just a few questions
Has the game changed much or is it still sitting in capital cities waiting for dungeon queues and stuff?
I was a big pvp guy, never really liked raiding, what is the status of pvp right now? Balance?
I have a few level 85s from back when I stopped playing, my main (rogue), a mage, a druid, and a paladin. What is the state of these 3 classes in both pve and pvp?
How's the leveling to 90?
I've heard talk that anything that isn't basically a full server is now dead, is that true?
Thanks in advanced for the answers!

I just returned like 1 week ago. Got my shaman to 90 and up to ilvl 461 quite quickly. Yes, that's low, but full heroic gear would be 463. Working on my hunter, almost 87 now. So, here's my fresh thoughts.

1) It has changed some. Now there are scenarios, pet battles, farming, and such to do. There's more emphasis on getting transmog gear too. Blizzard nerfed some old mechanics to help people solo old raid bosses they couldn't before, challenge dungeons offer transmog only gear, and they removed the need to be in a raid group to enter a raid dungeon.

2) I can't comment on balance too much right now since I only did a little PvP, but being able to exclude two battlegrounds and still do the random daily is cool.

4) I have an 85 druid and paladin, as well, but I won't touch them until my hunter is 90, if even then.

5) Horrendous. There's a small amount of new quest types, but it's basically pick up three quests at once: one is kill X of these, one is collect X of these, and 1 is kill the main boss guy in the area. Leveling is also very slow. Took me about 25 hours to get from 85 to 90 the first time. I could just suck at it though.

There's better storytelling here than before, but despite loving Asian culture, I didn't care for it. Also, since they changed the way skills and talents are handed out, I only got 1 skill and 1 talent point for all of those hours. It felt unrewarding. Oh, and the first zone has one of those annoying mountains you have to fall off of and die or run forever to get around if you get off course. It can be really annoying. Past that, the zones are better laid out.

6) My server is thriving, but it is an older one. I don't think any server is dead, there's still 10 million people playing.

Overall, once I got to 90, I started having a lot of fun, but the leveling was pretty bad in my opinion. The quest system is just too old and formulaic now for me to stomache anymore. That said, I'm still doing it all over again with my hunter because I want to get it to 90. Sigh. For reference, I liked leveling in Vanilla, BC and Cata and didn't mind it in Wrath. Perhaps I'm just growing out of the game.

Once at 90 though, it's a lot of fun to do LFR, solo stuff (got my 1st Kael solo kill the other night, soloed Ony and Gruuls too for funsies), and work on gear. Gearing up is mad easy now, and honor gear will quickly get you into LFR. There's also some small quality of life changes that I appreciate like all mounts and pets being account wide and no more reagents needed for things like reincarnate.

I'm enjoying it for now and I will stick around a month or two, but I'll probably quit for good after this run. I think the game is hampered by the limitations of its engine due to age, and ultimately I'm being reminded that I'd just rather do a lot of other things than do a lot of one thing, i.e. WoW, because WoW is kind of a commitment/addiction.

User Info: Drewdadruid

4 years ago#22
Is there a reason they aren't removing my old authenticator even though I did the whole scan photo id and stuff? It was on my old phone which I no longer have and I forgot to remove it. LOLIGN: DrewDaDruid
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