Good PvP reference site?

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User Info: SpicyWasabi

4 years ago#11
Which classes/specs do you intend to play in PVP? Let's start with that.

User Info: Marndos

4 years ago#12
I'd be trying out one of the healers I have at 90. My main is a Mistweaver, but I also have Resto Shaman and Holy Paladin options. I was thinking of trying my mistweaver first.
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User Info: MakeHate

4 years ago#13
Check the forums for each class. Sometimes there is a general guide, sometimes there is a lot of random discussion.
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User Info: RCR Returns

RCR Returns
4 years ago#14
Armory, search hey im mvp tich horde.

User Info: Right_Chus_1

4 years ago#15
Just go to youtube and type in something like "90 arms pvp guide" or something like that. Watch a bunch of the newer ones, a TON of people put guides up. Im not saying they are all 100% correct though so youll have to watch a few, find the things they all agree on and get the jist of whats going on.
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