How many 90s would it take to beat ICC 25-man Heroic?

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  3. How many 90s would it take to beat ICC 25-man Heroic?

User Info: Xigbar777

4 years ago#1
Like it says on the tin, (in your opinion) how many lvl 90 players (decently geared) would it take to finish 25-man Heroic ICC?

My guild is considering doing a guild raid of the place, and I'm just curious how many it would reasonably take to finish it.
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User Info: Ashen_Verdict

4 years ago#2
about 10
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User Info: AllGodsDie

4 years ago#3
depends on the gear. I believe it has been solo'd by a decked out blood dk.

User Info: PhrenzZephyr

4 years ago#4
3-5 to make it easy.

User Info: Kanus_oq_Seruna

4 years ago#5
Depends on the gear, depends on the players, etc.
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User Info: Black_Mage_Meee

4 years ago#6
I hear something about a hunter soloing LK 25hc?

heal, tank and 1-3 dps should be more than enough

User Info: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
4 years ago#7
DKs can solo most of it. Gunship and Valithria haven't been gotten on 25H yet, but thus far there's nothing major stopping DKs from getting them. Next tier at the latest.

So I suppose you only really need 2 then to full clear for sure.
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User Info: LatiasSA

4 years ago#8
PM me about scrolls of res. I have 19 referrals left.
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User Info: echo057

4 years ago#9
Fewest I have done it with was 14 only 1 heals lk we wiped 3 times till we grabbed a second heals
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User Info: vahndragonwing

4 years ago#10
5 and a healer at least since I don't know the skill/gear level of your guildmates. It CAN be done with less, it MIGHT take you more, who knows. Good rule of thumb is 'if you can't do it, throw more 90s at it'. Make sure you have a healer, though, for valith at least.
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  3. How many 90s would it take to beat ICC 25-man Heroic?

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