how do you play WoW most of the time?

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User Info: campersniper

4 years ago#1
really not sure why we need a poll question and a topic. - Results (47 votes)
10.64% (5 votes)
pve raids
29.79% (14 votes)
pve small groups
12.77% (6 votes)
pve solo
46.81% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
just curious.
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User Info: patsfan2312

4 years ago#2
I do a mix of pve raids and solo dailies

User Info: DamorahTalset

4 years ago#3
None of the above. I PVP and PVE just as much.
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User Info: redundancies

4 years ago#4
Kind of depends on where in the patch cycle we are. Right now, with all LFR wings open and the Isle stages all complete, I'm doing more PvE Raids than anything else. At the start of the patch it was more PvE solo stuff than anything else, and it may swing back that way once I can't get anything else from LFR.
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  3. how do you play WoW most of the time?

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