Why do people PvP in Battlegrounds?

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User Info: flashleet

4 years ago#11
BGs are awesome. I get some mad screenshots of 40-0 KD errday.
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User Info: TheCongo

4 years ago#12
vahndragonwing posted...
So run some easy pve stuff for JP and trade it over until you feel ready to hit arenas?

Good call bud, might just do that!
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User Info: LatiasSA

4 years ago#13
bgs are minigames
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User Info: juzzieb

4 years ago#14
shawn10000000 posted...
Lightning Bolt posted...
TheCongo posted...
but PvP in this game is joke


knew i'd see you in here.
my counter arguement: the PvE in this game is boring and predictable. while the pvp (although unbalanced) is fun, fluid and excitingly unpredictable. Excluding the bots, but, that's what rbgs and arena are for.

The game is just boring straight out, BG used to be good but they killed the incentive to roll with premades, arena used to be good but it just keeps getting more unbalanced as the years roll by instead of the other way around. PVE is ok your first clear but if you are a pver you can expect to kill every boss at least 100 times each... that sounds like so much fun right.... yerp... no. Once upon a time bosses were tuned better so you actually had to make progression runs more often than farming runs or at least an equal amount of each... now days its 99% farming runs.... cool I want phat loots so I can.... farm some more.... nope think i'll keep away from this game.

Only people with nothing exciting happening in their lives still play WoW. Don't get me wrong I used to have no life outside of WoW once upon a time... but I did so because I enjoyed it... not because I had nothing else to do.

User Info: GamingAnt

4 years ago#15
Lol pvp minigame
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User Info: TheCongo

4 years ago#16
I only just started got MoPlike 2 weeks ago.

I honestly have no positive things to say about it. PvP is the only thing left now really.

The raids are so dull... especially the insect one. Damnit it is just terrible.

The dungeons and heroics are OKAY, not that exciting though.

And yes the raids are just farms now, there is zero challenge anymore. If I put my mind to it for two weeks I would have AMAZING gear in no time. Where as the previous games (well Vanilla to Mid-Wrath), gear was actually a challenge to get.

Sigh... with PvP bot-fests letting me down so much, I do not see myself subscribed for much longer. At least not until the next expansion.
"The worst thing about quotes found on the internet is you never really know if they are true or not." - Abraham Lincoln

User Info: vahndragonwing

4 years ago#17
*obligitory link your heroic mode kills post*

User Info: Shadow Flare

Shadow Flare
4 years ago#18
Odd, I actually have good experiences with BGs and they're now my chosen way of playing the game (gave up pve - too boring, and I'm casual because I work full-time)

Just wish we had more drop-off points so I can kill more people with the glyphed explosive trap
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User Info: Spooking

4 years ago#19
I was in a IoC (Horde) where about 1/2 the team got stuck on the gate for 30 seconds once the match began. It was really that many, I couldn't believe it. We lost, but it was too funny seeing that happen.

I know how you feel, TC, I dislike it, too. The only thing is we are in a different boat. I use RBG to gear up to enter LFR where I want to be. I enjoy PvEing.
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User Info: WesternWizard

4 years ago#20
I disagree with quite a few sentiments here. First off, BGs are just plain fun. You don't need to be super skilled to join them and have fun, and they have a nice variety instead of just kill the other team that is arena.
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