Recommend me some addons please

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User Info: ljgf

4 years ago#1
At the moment I'm using vanilla everything. I'd like to try a new UI, but I don't know what a good choice would be, so I'm coming here for suggestions. Any other suggestions for different kinds of addons that improve the game are welcome too.

User Info: SirGizmo

4 years ago#2
EviUI does it all for you if you don't know what you're doing. DBM/Recount are pretty much mandatory.
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User Info: jackster26

4 years ago#3
x-perl unitframes
deadly boss mod
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User Info: Emerald_Wyvern

4 years ago#4
Mega Damage
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User Info: AssultTank

4 years ago#6
Just a few I use and like.

Deadly Boss Mod (DBM)(It's a nice addon that shows timers for boss abilities.)
Omen Threat Meter (Mandatory for tanks/DPS)
Bartender (Lets you reconfigure your actions bars in many ways.)
X-Perl Unit Frames (Very nice unit frames.)
Weak Auras (It's nice for making custom notification auras and timers)
VhuDo (Raid Frames. Comes with an easy way to keybind things for mouseovers on the frames. Ex: mouseover and 5 for me casts Unleash Elements on whichever player I'm moused over on the frame without needing to target them.)
MoveAnything(Lets you move anything on the screen.)

Recount if you need/want an E-peen meter. I just upload the relevant fights to World of Logs and browse the data there. And by browse, I mean go over every aspect of the data there is to see what we need to do. Petition to declare Westboro Baptist Church a hate group.
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User Info: Cascade565

4 years ago#7
Bartender is pretty awesome to keep your ui clean.
I love using Clique and Grid as a healer and xperl is pretty cool to have. I'd also suggest using an addon that improves your casting bar in case you are a caster.

User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

4 years ago#8
Any unit frame addon(I use Shadowed Unit Frames right now but I also like X-Perl), Deadly Boss Mods, GTFO, Recount, Bagnon(or any other bag addon, I dislike the sorting of some of them so I just use bagnon which just makes it look like one big bag), you could use Bartender if you want to move your action bars but I prefer to leave them vanilla so they dont randomly break while using vehicles and such. Also a auction house addon is a good idea(especially one that scans and give you prices on item tooltips).

A unit frame addon(X-Perl or Shadowed Unit Frames)
Deadly Boss Mods
MoveAnything(does what the name says, lets you move almost any element of the UI)
GTFO(Plays an annoying sound when you stand in fire or other bad stuff)
Any bag addon
Any auction addon(I like auctionator, others use auctioneer)
Also, Mapster to reveal the world map and let you bring it up without it taking up your whole screen.
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User Info: hitman826

4 years ago#9
For my UI I use:

Shadowed Unit Frames (for portrait and target)
Grid (for raid frames)
quartz (cast bar)
Bartender (Action bars)
Healbot (on my healers)

For General use:
Deadly boss mods
GoGo Mount (random mount button)
Atlas loot (lets you see all loot drops in a raid or dungeon)
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