If you could choose only 1 flying and 1 ground mount for the entire game....

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  3. If you could choose only 1 flying and 1 ground mount for the entire game....

User Info: gymnast_79

4 years ago#1
Which ones would you choose?
You can choose among the entire wow mount library.

User Info: gymnast_79

4 years ago#2
For me btw:
Flying: Ashes of al'ar
Ground: Swift spectral tiger.

User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#3
Flying Mount : Probably Corrupted Firehawk. Feldrake looks neat, though. And never heard of it until your list.

Ground mount : I've always wanted that Savage War Wolf, but I'd probably pick Raven Lord.

Honestly, though, I switch my mounts based on class/spec all the time, so I'm just picking based on always going back to my Warlock, no matter what else I do for a while.

Regardless, thanks for the link. Saw some mounts I'd never heard of before. Kind of neat.
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User Info: vampiremages

4 years ago#4
Ashes of al'ar - once i get it

Blizzcon 2008 bear witch i love

User Info: Kokeii

4 years ago#5
For me, probably Pureblood Fire Hawk and Flame Talon of Alysrazor just for the somewhat matching set. Also, they both look extra cool when in Shadowform and their colors get a lil wonky.

User Info: GForceDragon

4 years ago#6
Invincible for both.
"right now i have my ghoul glyphed to be the gimp, and when im low on health in summon the gimp and death pact his ass for some health. :/" -steveoSEK

User Info: Morgasaurus

4 years ago#7
Red Drake
Ruby Panther
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User Info: Egxamer1

4 years ago#8
Flying cloud and white hawkstrider mount. Almost 200 mounts and i still use these the most simply because they are small, take up little screen space and get me from point A to B.
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User Info: Spooking

4 years ago#9
Riding: The purple Chocobo looking mount.
Flying: Red Cloud
Prism Ranger (Red): Isn't it obvious? We don't have any friends!
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

User Info: WesternWizard

4 years ago#10
Ground Mount: Grand Expedition Yak
Flying Mount: Vial of the Sands

Simply because these mounts allow additional passengers, and the Grand Expedition Yak also gives reforging, repairing, and some useful items as well.
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  3. If you could choose only 1 flying and 1 ground mount for the entire game....

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