How much money do you have?

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User Info: CodNotCoDm8s

4 years ago#1
I have a level 82 and a level 40......and i only have about 3k gold between them, POOR!!

How much do you have?

User Info: shawn10000000

4 years ago#2
150k, recently bought my friend a dawnstone panther or i'd have 180k.
not alot, but i don't play the auction house at all.

User Info: B1g_Clown

4 years ago#3
+560k these past 2 months. until i sold it gg. (i put the + there because thats how much ive made in those 2 months, not how much i started out with, etc)

down to 50k. no interest in making anymore anytime soon cuz my job is pooping on me

User Info: CodNotCoDm8s

4 years ago#4
How on earth do you make so much money?

User Info: WaffIeElite

4 years ago#5
100k, give or take. It's been about the same amount since Wrath. The way you make money is by taking advantage of tradeskills, playing the auction house, farming, and whenever a cheesy opportunity (Such as Firelands / Shahraz trash farming) comes up, take advantage of it.

User Info: luthienCross

4 years ago#6
My main has like 11.3k and my alts range anywhere from 0 - 300g
GT: Luthien Cross NNID: Cogliostro
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User Info: metroidfreakv4

4 years ago#7
10k. Cause I just like to have enough for the essentials and the occasional few enchants or small gambling

User Info: flashleet

4 years ago#8
Around 50k. Not much at all but I don't play to accumulate gold.
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User Info: Servilius

4 years ago#9
Hovering at around 150k.

Made most of it when MoP came out. Ghost Iron ore was my big seller 200-300 a stack maybe more. Stuff was everywhere when it was released. Rich deposits of it near horde starting area.

Running older dungeons/raids is decent coin too.

User Info: pistachio2888

4 years ago#10
147k i haven't played the AH like i have in the past still make around 450-1250 a day selling herbs from farming
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