Justice per boss pre 5.2?

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User Info: Heroicmedic92

4 years ago#1
How much justice did the bosses drop in LFD? (90 heroics)
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User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

4 years ago#2
I haven't checked but I think it was 60 per in cata, probably the same in MoP pre-5.2
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User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#3

Looks like 35 per.
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User Info: Megalo2

4 years ago#4
Level 90 heroics used to give 35 JP per boss while Cataclysm heroics gave 70 JP per boss if every party member was level 85.

The change in 5.2 increased JP from 35 per boss to 100 per boss in level 90 heroics. It makes sense considering it was possible to farm JP quicker with an 85 than a 90 before the change.
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  3. Justice per boss pre 5.2?

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