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User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#11
I'm the only vote for Nefarian? That fight was EPIC in Vanilla. The class calls were a great idea. The only bad thing was waiting 10+ mins after every wipe for him to respawn. I used to really enjoy that fight.
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User Info: Egxamer1

4 years ago#12
I chose Arthas, i didn't think it would be as popular as it is but proof is in the pudding. Epic badguy has epic fight with a twist ending
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User Info: Meganium7

4 years ago#13
vanilla nef

User Info: Hak

4 years ago#14
Egxamer1 posted...
I chose Arthas, i didn't think it would be as popular as it is but proof is in the pudding. Epic badguy has epic fight with a twist ending

Hardly a "twist" ending. Flew in the face of all established lore, and basically turned what could could have been a proper story about absolute corruption into a glittery fairy story about redemption.
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User Info: WaffIeElite

4 years ago#15
Arthas for lore (But god damnit Blizzard, how did you screw him up in Wrath so bad?), but fightwise, I'm subbing in Vanilla Kel'thuzad.

User Info: muffinz10

4 years ago#16
ITT: Nostalgia Goggles and the post-WotLK hating bandwagon.

User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#17
From a lore point of view I find the three main villains we got in the past three expansions to be equally as well developed and I love them all. If I have to choose one I would go with Illidan.

Fight wise... Deathwing (sadly) was a crap fight for such a really threatening villain which was presented well during the expansion and poorly in his own instance unfortunately. Arthas on the other hand is still arguably one of my favorite heroic fights in the entire WoW history (and just happens to tie with Yogg Saron up there).

The first time I done Illidan was at lv80 so I can't testify to that.

So I will abstain from voting. This is a very hard decision.

This topic inspired me to rerun my henchmen poll which I might as well do to see if anything changed!

EDIT: I picked up that poll and I realized it's been only close to two months since I closed it so I will probably give it another month before I do a second round.
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User Info: mestupkid185

4 years ago#18
Kael thas Sunstrider not on that list. Epic fail.

User Info: Ness0123456789

4 years ago#19
Nefarian's my favorite villain.

He's a saturday morning cartoon super villain. Hell, he's Dr.Doom of WoW.
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