What flying mounts do you feel thematically fit warlock?

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  3. What flying mounts do you feel thematically fit warlock?

User Info: SnackMachine

4 years ago#1
I have to use mounts that suit the class I play or it bugs me, and sadly both the classes I play are kinda limited.

I'm looking for options besides the Headless Horseman's mount please.

User Info: Tloya

4 years ago#2
Celestial Steed
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User Info: Psoloquoise

4 years ago#3


User Info: GreatDrake

4 years ago#4
Twilight Drake works as well for Warlocks
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User Info: angrywalrus13

4 years ago#5
Feldrake and Corrupted Hippogryph. ...Of course, both are TCG items. :|

I'm the same way, btw, though it tends to be more just "overall flavor of character" than just class. I'm settling with an Onyxian Drake for now.
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User Info: muffinz10

4 years ago#6
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User Info: SilentZed

4 years ago#7
Twilight Drake
Headless Horseman's Steed
Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher

Or if you're an Orc Warlock, go for an Onyx Netherdrake and a transmog set to make you look like the Fel Orcs.

Cliche, but hey, I would still say it fits.
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User Info: Velociswagger

4 years ago#8
Chestnut Mare

User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
4 years ago#9
Corrupted Firehawk works nicely as well. Untill Blizzard uses that new Bat Mount model for something.

User Info: cabbit82

4 years ago#10
Baron Rivendare's Deathcharger. good luck getting it it's been a year and It still hasnt dropped for me. Oh you meant FLYING mounts. my bad.
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  3. What flying mounts do you feel thematically fit warlock?

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