90 Mage profs....should I ditch Herb/Alc?

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  3. 90 Mage profs....should I ditch Herb/Alc?

User Info: Tirriou

4 years ago#1
I've heard I should go either Enchanting/Tailoring or BS/Engineering. Which has the most pay off in the end and will not be too difficult to level
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User Info: SirGizmo

4 years ago#2
I just hit 90 on my Mage and I'm just trying to powerlevel Tailoring and Enchanting. I've leveled every profession except Tailoring, and holy crap...my gold. I've spent around 10,000 - 15,000 gold just to get to the beginning of MoP crafting.

My enchanting is stuck at Cataclysm levels, and looking at the AH I'd have to spend around 20,000 just to get into MoP enchanting. So, I'm stuck there, not sure what to do (if anyone has any advice I'd greatly appreciate it).

Tailoring/Enchanting is insane expensive to level, it changes from server to server though.
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User Info: Resident_Evil93

4 years ago#3
You can buy embersilk and make gear with your tailoring, then DE it for cheaper levels. Otherwise, you can solo normal Cata dungeons and DE the gear. It's probably the most annoying part to level enchanting and it takes the longest by far.

User Info: Avery28

4 years ago#4
Seriously, it doesn't take very long for a lvl 90 to simply farm the items yourself. Dusts/Essences and Cloth goes for so much on Alliance Stormreaver US that it simply wasn't worth it. Especially the cloth. Except maybe Netherweave.
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User Info: Tirriou

4 years ago#5
So, is tailoring / enchanting the best overall because you can level them together and they both have huge bonuses?
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User Info: kuroi

4 years ago#6
Tailoring/Engineering is what I've been since Vanilla. It'a also the most potent combination for raiding.

Blacksmithing and Enchanting are also pretty awesome.

User Info: UnboundAbyss

4 years ago#7
Tailoring/Engineering are the best professions for increasing dps.

Tailoring has the attachment to your cloak to sometimes increase your Intell. by 2,000

Engineering has the glove attachment to increase your Intell. by I think 2,000 on a 1 minute CD.
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User Info: Tirriou

4 years ago#8
So I should do blacksmithing / engineering to get engineering up to snuff, and then replace mining with tailoring?
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