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User Info: BonzoForLyfe

4 years ago#1
During raid on wednesday night my healing priest received Frostborn Wristwraps off Megaera. These are the cloth bracers with the random enchant on them. I was unfortunate enough to get expertise as the random enchantment on these bracers. I was going to chalk this up as bad luck and move on, until I saw a post about it on the US healing forums, where a user said they put in a ticket for having the same bracers and had their coin returned.

I then put in a ticket explaining the situation, and was quickly talking to a gamemaster. He said that the issue is that bonus rolls aren't determined by spec (which is clearly wrong) and that i was just unfortunate to get dps ones. I then asked him how raiding on my holy pally all last tier, I had never bonus rolled a single plate strength item and only int gear. He said i was had been very lucky.

Dissatisfied I put in another ticket, this GM also believed that bonus rolls aren't determined by spec, so I quickly did a google search and found an article posted by Ghostcrawler explaining how bonus rolls will give you an epic piece of loot, determined by the spec you were currently using when you bonus rolled. He said ghostcrawler must have had a typo... I then showed him the article I found on the forums, about this happening to a person and them getting their coin restored and he said (despite the player saying he bonus rolled on megaera and received expertise gloves, same as me) that that player had a completely different problem. Realizing this guy wouldn't help me I quickly asked for my survey and went on my way.

I decided to put in one last ticket to see if it could be resolved. While i waited I went to go relook at that post on the forums, however I couldn't find it. I opened up my phone history, found the page and it said the page had been deleted. The next GM was on my side, he said that it was completely dumb to have random enchantments that are designed for DPS casters, to be put on the healer loot table. He told me that the specialization doesn't recognize the enchantment until after it has rolled. He said he tried his best to try and get me a different set of stats or new item, but his supervisor said they were not allowed to.

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User Info: UnboundAbyss

4 years ago#2
Seems like their GMs need to learn a little more about game mechanics. I had a similar problem. I received a tank weapon when in dps spec. and the GM told me that, while there is nothing he can do, it is a known issue and the Devs. are looking into it

Thats hilarious though, GC must have made a ttypo haha Kinda suspicious that the page was deleted after bringing it up.
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