When did you first start WoW?

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User Info: Black_Mage_Meee

4 years ago#31
Technically early Cata for a few months, but I was just doing some quests, dungeons, bg and such.
Started again in late 5.1

User Info: Lucavi000

4 years ago#32
My account was created in July 2005 which was right before they introduced battlegrounds into the game.
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User Info: teltec

4 years ago#33
The wife and i both started Oct 2006
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User Info: muffinz10

4 years ago#34
juzzieb posted...
Anyone who has a join date 06 or later didn't play WoW at vanilla... there is no reason you would come to the WoW GFAQ board now and not back then... that was when it was good times here. Stop lieing lich king babies.

Now that is just too adorable. Adopting an elitist mentality over having played a video game longer than some others. I hope putting it like that helps you feel as foolish as you are.

User Info: g0tbeef89

4 years ago#35
Ignoring all from tote since 2011.

User Info: wyndman

4 years ago#36
Shortly after alpha, from the very first beta.. I have such fond memories
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User Info: Wyrmwarrior5

4 years ago#37
Summer of '06, about a week after I finished... I think 6th grade. However, at that time I shared an account with my brother and all I really did was make a bunch of alts.

I got my own account and really started playing it on my own right around the time BC came out.
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User Info: Lady_Tygry

4 years ago#38
Mid-vanilla. I took a six month break up until a few months into BC but I don't think I ever took more than a month off after that. I quit seriously playing in October 2012 and finally unsubscribed last month. It wasn't really anything Blizz did wrong (I actually liked a lot of their notes for PvP at the time) but after playing the same game for so long, I just wasn't having fun anymore so quitting makes sense.
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User Info: KajeI

4 years ago#39
I played in like, the beta or whatever. My uncle had a cousin who did art for Vanilla and he let me try it out. After it was released i bought it as quickly as a 8 year old could.
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