I really wanna solo Blackwing Lair but can't

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User Info: Major Gamer

Major Gamer
4 years ago#11
How to solo Razorgore:

1) Kill first three dudes.

2) MC Razorgore.

3) Kill eggs starting from where he starts.

4) When MC breaks, heal yourself with anything.

5) MC Razorgore.

6) Kill eggs.

7) Kill Razorgore

You can sleep the dragonkin, but it is nowhere near close enough of a fight to be needed.
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User Info: Super_Archer

4 years ago#12
ok did it

wow that was easier then I remember

User Info: YuffieGVxx

4 years ago#13
BrainJitsu posted...
Start off going bear form. If you actually have a Guardian spec, make sure to be in it.

Immediately kill the 3 adds and click the orb as soon as possible. start by blowing up the closest egg to Razorgore, and then proceed to move him towards your character, blowing up each egg that's in your path when the cooldown is available to use it again.

Blow up all the eggs on your side of the room as you can.

This is actually the exact opposite of what you should be doing. I'm not saying it's not doable, and it might be how the devs intended you to do it, but it's doing it back-asswards. Clear the furthest eggs away from you as soon as you kill the guys on the platform and activate the orb, before the adds start showing up. By the time adds start appearing you should have almost half the room cleared.

If you're quick about things you can actually finish the egg part of the encounter in two (yes, two) MCs.

The only ability of Razorgore's you should need to use is his egg destruction ability. No need to bother with sleep or anything.

Drop out of the orb when necessary, one-shot any adds near you or Razorgore, throw a rejuv on to help pull threat away from Razorgore when you resume control, and... that's it. It's really, really... really, really stupidly easy. The only "trick" is clearing the eggs on the opposite side of the room from the orb first.

As long as Razorgore's near you and you have some heal ticking away, adds won't even go for Razorgore while you're MCing him. They'll just run to you from healing aggro. And honestly with how little damage they do to even a caster form druid (it's really absurdly miniscule) there's zero risk of dying in this encounter unless you just refuse to heal yourself, ever.
what the ****
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User Info: jumi

4 years ago#14
I want to do Blackwing Lair for the pets too. What server are you? What faction?

My main is level 90 ret Paladin, Alliance, server Zul'jin.
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User Info: IqarP15

4 years ago#15
That's too much damn work. I should be able to go destroy the eggs myself then kill all the mobs.
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User Info: Morgasaurus

4 years ago#16
1) Use a resto spec if you have one. Bind your rejuvenate spell to a key that is not on the first bar (which gets overwritten while controlling Razorgore).

2) MC Razorgore and kill as many eggs as possible while using your other abilities to CC big adds so he doesn't take too much damage.

3) When the channeling is almost over, get Razorgore within 40 yards of you, target him, and hit the rejuvenate button. (On my shaman I go resto for this fight and do the same thing with riptide or Earthshield)

4) Kill some adds being careful not to damage Razorgore. Note: If you rejuvenate Razorgore then immediately re-MC him, you will get healing aggro on all existing adds so keep that in mind.

5) Rinse and repeat.
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