What is your favorite, non-legendary, weapon?

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User Info: angrywalrus13

4 years ago#11

Really wish I could get it nowadays. :(

A very close second:
like tommicks

User Info: MajinUltima

4 years ago#12
Nibelung. What it lacks in appearence, it makes up for in summoning zombie angels.
Homura-chan is the coolest.

User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
4 years ago#13
calamity's grasp
Rogue PvP in a nutshell.

User Info: GForceDragon

4 years ago#14
The Facelifter.
"right now i have my ghoul glyphed to be the gimp, and when im low on health in summon the gimp and death pact his ass for some health. :/" -steveoSEK

User Info: Twain_Driver

4 years ago#15
How come they never added Ashbringer to live? Was it a lore breaking thing to have everyone running around with it or something?

User Info: ryanell666

4 years ago#16
Twain_Driver posted...
How come they never added Ashbringer to live? Was it a lore breaking thing to have everyone running around with it or something?

It was live pre-WLK

they just took it out of the game when WLK went live with the refurbished Naxx10/25.

...wish for it enough though,.....maybe it'll turn up in the BMAH.

from WOWhead

By Conaire (237 – 2·2) on 2013/03/11 (Patch 5.2.0) Report
Where did this weapon come? How does I get it? I saw Darion using this when I made my noobish DK! Was it Vanilla?

The weapon came from the four horsemen chest back when Naxxramas was a 40 man raid and required you to raid hardcore back in Vanilla and was slightly still difficult for endgame mains in Burning Crusade. (Not as difficult as AQ40 for BC)

You could HAVE gotten it back in World of Warcraft <-> Burning Crusade. (You can replay these in certain private servers to obtain this epic weapon on a character which doesn't really count.) But wait! Black Market Auction House? I have seen this weapon up before, it was around 40k gold. Buy gold or become a pimp in WoW to obtain this!

Darion Mograine has some long history with this weapon in a way. Papa Mograine wielded this weapon in a way not really, he actually practically created this weapon with the help of a dwarf. (You can see the scene in which Mograine complains about the Dark Shard burning his one hand though turning the undead around him into ashes in Southshore in the Caverns of Time; 70 BC instance.) Papa Mograine then wielded this ashbringer to slay the undead, he was the leader of the scarlet crusade back when they weren't ruled and corrupted by Balnazzar. He was then betrayed by his other son, who was originally the end boss of Scarlet Monastery before it got changed. The Priest who used to be in the "closet" was the priest who saw this betrayal as he hid under a hunk of corpses to save himself. Kel'Thuzad then resurrected Papa Mograine as a Death Knight to fight for him as one of the four horsemen. (Lore-wise) Darion raids the naxxramas with the champions of the light (You and the argent crusade) as he slays his own undead father, he picks up the corrupted ashbringer. Darion somehow becomes undead blah blah and that is how he wields as of now and then gives the only possession of his father now to Tirion. Terrible %^&*ing son.

Indeed, the Ashbringer was implemented in Vanilla, and kept until WotLK because it was unlorewise for players to have it. (People who have obtained it, still have it on them.)

User Info: Twain_Driver

4 years ago#17
ryanell666 posted...

Good looking out, I appreciate that!

User Info: Egxamer1

4 years ago#18
Any of the 4 swords from Ulduar 10 and 25 however

Stormrune Edge from Iron Council 25 is my absolute favorite and imho the best tmog weapon for a ret pally rocking T-6 as i often do.

Abaddon, Aesir and vold follow closely behind it.
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User Info: TheAncientMonk

4 years ago#19
That frost scythe...though I can never remember the name of it.

User Info: OrlandoMagicss

4 years ago#20
Gleaming Quel'Serrar and Fist of the Deity
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  3. What is your favorite, non-legendary, weapon?

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