Which Heroics first?

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User Info: SilentZed

4 years ago#1
Our guild, being a bit behind, just downed Lei Shen last night.

We've been kind of unlucky in terms of drops (lots going to offspec, getting multiples on certain tier pieces for classes that already had them, having around a 5% success rate on our coins, etc.). All in all, our average iLevel for our 10 man main raid group is around 514, which seems a bit low.

Are we a bit too low to start attempting heroics until we get some more gear? We didn't scrape by on our Lei Shen kill, so it made me wonder.
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User Info: Elaeus

4 years ago#2
Jin'rokh > Ji-Kun > Horridon > Iron Qon > Tortos > Megaera > Council

Is what we planned and so far the first 5 are done (but we did Horridon before Ji Kun), and my guild is working on Council next week (just cuz they fall before Megaera).

Rest is hard comparing to this order of progression, but you should at least find little issues with Jin'rokh and Ji-Kun for any group that got normals done.
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