Hey Blizz!, "How's that catering to the casuals business plan working for you?"

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User Info: ryanell666

4 years ago#71
The_Pope_Mobile posted...
Nice wall of text.. and it is working just find they make more money in a couple days than you'll ever accumulate total in your entire life.

oh...owww.....that hurts

...oh wait, doesnt.....cuz i do....

User Info: ryanell666

4 years ago#72
Bawwwww,...Pope doesnt want to play.....oh well......This is my last post for the next 24 hours....here are some quick hits.

kocrachon posted...
Dont see how this game has only catered to casuals. When Cata launched, it was focused more on the hardcore, made the game far less forgiving and required everyone (including DPS) to do their job. A good healer could not recover for poor DPS like they were able too in WOTLK.,

..and 4 months in they nerfed the game....they tried to bring back the hardcore angle to the game, but casuals cried too much, and it all got nerfd....FOUR MONTHS IN!...

When MOP launched, it was the biggest grind fest in the world, which is very very anti casual. Requiring rep for decent gear is horrible. This game is old, people lose interest. I didn't stop playing because it was "catering to casuals" I stopped playing because it got old. That is the whole reason my entire guild of 120 eventually died.

The rep grinding is not needed for the gear, chain regular dungeons (be a tank or heal for instant queues, and you can still collect for DPS), chain heroic dungeons, do some call to arms pvp, get to ilvl 460, LFR all the way to 502; which is heroic equivlant of Mogushan Vaults. as per my story in the big wall of text, took me two weeks to get from being a fresh 90 to ilvl 486.....and the only rep grinding I did was between LFR queues (and a little RNG luck too).....thats sort of the whole point i was making.

With that being said, rep grinding for gear is utterly pointless.

Once, you realize that is possible, this game still goes back into super-casual....nothing about this game now is anti-casual.

TheGreatCheeze posted...
Heh, I got modded for talking about cake but this is definitely on topic. These mods are funny.

Don't get me started.

4sakuraHa0 posted...
If we did not cater to casual, we might stayed in 4-5M subscribers.

and you know this how?

Dawnshadow posted...
I'd rather have content I'll finish in a reasonable amount of time than content I can never have unless I devote every hour of free time I have to attaining it. I like that I can actually see raid-based plotlines in the proper patch without devoting myself to a steady raid guild......

Not to mention that the current game seems to be catering to EVERYONE-- challenge modes, heroic raiding, heroic scenarios, etc. Unless you're one of the people who think that the game should be 100% for hardcore players only with NO content accessible to the casual gamer whatsoever, you can't claim that there is no content for people who like a challenge. (Although your complaint is more "why should I put in an effort in a mode I find fun when I can see these on easy mode," which is completely missing the point....)

"without devoting myself"

then the hard truth is, you have no business playing an MMORPG. For a persistant world that never turns off, what did you really expect? A save point and a tent so you don't miss Cecil and Rosa's wedding?

"No content accessible"

I always laugh at that comment because they think I am telling them, "NO, not for you!" The truth is, "You can get in.....if you can get in." Want to be in level 8? you know you have to go through 1-7 to get to 8, y'know right? That's how every game, in the history of games always been, except in this current age, kids this think they have a right to bypass all that, why? because you bought a Game-Genie (google it, for your history lesson)?

Heroic 25

Word count sucks, I'm on probation, this is the last thing I'll say: "The journey use to be the challenge, not pocketed instances with a difficultly setting."

User Info: no1oblivionfan

4 years ago#73
The T11 decline was much much much more rapid than the MoP one. Which they fixed 6 months in and sustained the subs.

Meaning that if they made the game hard again they would lose subs even faster.
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User Info: thebladeofwoe

4 years ago#74
You still here ryanell666? Go home fool.
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User Info: angrywalrus13

4 years ago#75
I love how you can tell how much he's restraining himself because he doesn't want to get modded again.
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User Info: Major Gamer

Major Gamer
4 years ago#76
From: WaffIeElite | #061
Major Gamer posted...
So there is someone that still takes ryanell's posts seriously. Huh...

Sounds like a severe case of butthurt. He's completely right.

The only thing ryanell does is bash this game. On a board for the game. Thus, it not really mattering what he says.

As for you, you just said someone was butthurt. That in itself speaks enough.
Can excessive stupidity be a valid reason for moderation?

User Info: dermoratraken

4 years ago#77
I disagree with the assessment. I'd conclude that wow has stayed strong as long as it has because of the casual gameplay changes not in spite of it.

You can argue against the age of the game, but it has been out for over 8 years. Subscribers have gone from school children to working adults with families. The last thing they want to do is play hardcore vanilla type wow. Anybody else that has played games in the last 8 years has either already played wow or already decided not to. That doesn't leave much room for growth, only resubscribers.

User Info: keyvenx

4 years ago#78
Wow is an old game by industry standards, and it's hardly surprising it's losing subscribers.

After half a decade of trying (and failing), the challengers are finally starting to get it right. And surely WoW is going to get old and weary and tired after recycling dragon bosses for the 20th time.

I'm sure the stronger casual-factor played a part, but I don't believe it was as major as the TC makes it out to be. Blizz knew the long term survivability of the game has to be for people who don't rampage through entire expansions within days of release. Ultimately Blizz just couldn't keep up the content generation (and keep it fresh) at the rate they were blowing through it.
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