What in the blue hell? No more talent tree's? Does the game have any point?

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  3. What in the blue hell? No more talent tree's? Does the game have any point?

User Info: Yhi

4 years ago#11
if u think the talent changes r bad u prolly didnt understand ur class to begin with topic creator also relax kid u r insanely mad irl over a game pretty weird dont u think try to relax cuz u r fuming bro.

User Info: Amakusa

4 years ago#12
The way glyphs are right now it's like having a second set of talents gated by a profession. It's really awkward that way.
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User Info: PhrenzZephyr

4 years ago#13
Amakusa posted...
The way glyphs are right now it's like having a second set of talents gated by a profession. It's really awkward that way.

Never feel gated by a profession. AH always has excess of the glyph you need. And in the EXTREMELY rare case it doesn't, just snag some mats and find one of the dozen inscriptors in trade who can make it for a small tip. "Gated" isn't the right word.

User Info: XtraT

4 years ago#14
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User Info: Kraide

4 years ago#15
xFilth posted...
I only care for endgame PvE and no one beats WoW at that

Depends. Rift has the longer, more "hardcore" feel of older WoW raiding while still having decent variety.

In fact, for people who like classic, non-steamlined WoW, Rift is almost "vanilla" WoW on steroids. Want the talent trees back? Try keeping track of 10+ specs (because duel spec isn't enough) with a zillion talents points mixed between whatever the hell three talent trees you want!. >.< Perhaps it's the game you want to try, TC.

Not that I have any problem with WoW. Rift's complexity also comes with a major problem: trying to spec out those 10+ different roles and make macros and proper setups for them all, and making different toolbars for each, is a massive pain in the ass on patch day.
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User Info: ATiRadeonHD

4 years ago#16
TheNeckbeard posted...
Anymore? Is there any actual "game" left that isn't automated...oh excuse me "streamlined"? My friend came back to this and offered to pay my sub for a month if wanted to come join him. Sure why not.. haven't played in an age. On a completely new server with him so starting all over fresh and new..

Wasn't happy about the game last time I played everything was being dumbed down, and instanced. The world as a whole was so devoid of players as everyone sat in towns and queue for everything. So I left. I thought well it's been awhile maybe things are different.

Well... they are different. So I've spent the day running around under 0 threat of death all day hitting auto kill basically the games just been giving me everything, don't even have to go anywhere to train. I reached level 10 and this is when I discover that even the f***ing talent trees are gone. HUH?! Apparently we don't need to customize and spec ourselves anymore even either.

Is there any "game" or "challenge" to actually do now? I mean this game seems to be about 1-2 reworks away from just making a character, loading in to be automatically max level, and just stand there chatting with friends while the game dumps pretty epics on you and you can play dress up with your friends.

I seriously cannot believe the game I used to love to death during the Burning Crusade is now this. Such a complete contrast to that wonderful beta I've had two Friday/Saturdays in a row with FFXIV. Which gave me a wonderful nostalgic feelings. Ones I used to have for WoW back several expansions ago.

I just don't know what to think? People actually prefer the game to be this automated, this lets not only hold your hand but give you a diaper and bottle for the entire trip as well? How did it get like this? I'm am really relieved I personally didn't spend 15 bucks to join my friend. I seriously hope he comes over to FFXIV with me in August cause I don't think I'm ever going to find good immersive adventure in this game anymore. Blizzard/Activision seems to have stripped that right out of the game.

So, after you took 30 minutes to type that, can you please tell me what was interesting or challenging about the old talent trees? From what I can tell, your entire premise is based off of a nostalgic feeling you have towards the old patches...and I hate to break it to you, talent trees weren't interesting, fun or challenging. You go to Gamefaqs, ask WAT IS BEST SPEC FOR SURV HUTER? OH OK 41/4/0 ... or whatever. OMG SO CHALLENGING!

Oh, and Rift has this too. For example, these are the talents you need to do the most DPS as a mage:


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User Info: TheNeckbeard

4 years ago#17
I never said that talent tree's were challenging. But the game itself used to offer some actual challenge while leveling. There was an actual threat of being killed by those NPCs. Yeah I know it's a crazy concept to let sink in, large amount of which actually had this thing about them that made them tougher.. (Elite) which now hardly any do anymore.

But what the talent trees did was offer a variety of choice. Furthermore I have never came to a board and asked what the best spec was or copied some cookie cutter build. I've always done my own thing. I've built my characters in their trees on skills I felt would be good or helpful to the style i played.

End game raiding has never been much of an interest to me at all. For me in pretty much any MMO I play I always love the journey. All the sights and exploring this massive worlds. Finding signature and elite mobs to challenge myself with. When I wasn't exploring then I was in PVP and by that I mean the more open PVP in the form of Open world or Battlegrounds. Not that horrid arena crap that was put in later.

Which is why WoW today irritates me so much. There was a wonderful journey to enjoy in early WoW. Vanilla WoW also focused on End Game but there was plenty of game before that to enjoy its complete focus wasn't solely that but the overall experience. But todays WoW even with 90 levels to gain is more about just getting you as fast as possible to "End Game" Which is such a shame. I sometimes wonder why they even bother.. at all with leveling anymore they've streamlined it so much.. might as well just hand you a level 90.
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User Info: ryanell666

4 years ago#18
TheNeckbeard posted...

boil down the wall o'text to one simple notion:

Casuals ruined the game, and won't take responsibility for it.

User Info: Black_Mage_Meee

4 years ago#19
In the future it might be helpful if your topic title has anything to do with your point :)

Unfortunately WoW clearly isn't for you anymore, you should try looking for sometthing else you might enjoy. good luck

User Info: 4sakuraHa0

4 years ago#20
The endgame PVE and PVP are nice.
I played several MMO in the past and NONE can defeat WoW on those areas. Some of them being too hardcore, some of them being too flashy (and cause lag).

You have so many things you can do, even if you are not interested in current content raiding.
Last month it was World of Pokemon for me.
This month it is World of Farmville.
Next month, World of something else(probably PVP, since it's been a while).

Seriously, I prefer the current talent tree compared the old ones.
Why? Because in old talent trees, most players will google it, "Hmm, I wonder what is the best skill point allocation for my spec?" and be done with it. Only a few players that actually do some experiments with it.

The current talent tree is great. One skill can make a difference in how I play the game.
Mage level 90 talent for example. Invocation and Rune of Power made a kiting mage or 'either you die or I die' mage when soloing old content.
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