Serious Question - What makes you 'Elite' so to speak? Do others deserve it too?

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User Info: Chronux

4 years ago#21
cuz there is only one item worth bragging for.. and thats the legendary qiraji crystal. Im one o the only people left who have it that still play.

that alone is worth more elitism and bragging rights than stupid world first crappy method

User Info: SilentZed

4 years ago#22
Well, going to try and mash two concepts, and wonder if it will work.

Ruthlessness (It's not enough that I succeed, others must fail), may be a fine survival trait when resources are limited, but can the same apply to a game where, skill levels aside, gear is 'not' limited? More importantly, isn't the fact you are in Heroic gear and they are in LFR/Normal gear proof enough they have not succeeded on your level? Isn't them being miles below you on the healing/DPS/threat not proof that you are 'better' than them?

When someone succeeds in LFR, it takes nothing away from those who succeed in normals/heroics. You're not competing for limited resources.

Now, I did see the video that Zardar posted of the guy's experiment in LFR, and although a single person's experience, regardless of if it was several attempts might not be a big sample, but I am sure many of us can agree that what he experienced is indeed the norm.

You can argue that LFR does affect new subscribers to the point that it generates apathy within them (Why bother improving when I can see all of the content forever in LFR), but that seems to be a gross simplification, as encounters do change in Heroic, and there are bosses like Ra-Den and Heroic Rag from back in Firelands, while admittedly not that great of a tier, was a good example of a wrap-up and content only accessible to those who earned it when it was relevant. An expansion later, no one really cares, and that I think is okay.

You could however make the argument that seeing the content at all used to be the carrot on the stick that motivated people, the people that would see people in shiny Tier 3, or shiny Sunwell gear and say to themselves, "Man...I want that gear." or "Man, I will never see that content, but I want to.". Was that the only thing to strive for?

I don't have it, and I want it, so I will do what I need to do to get it? Was that all it really boiled down to? If so, has that really changed so much? Is it because people don't envy the heroic raiders that much anymore that it has taken some of the joy out of their sails?

Is that not the same as some rich person driving around town in a Lamborghini, having people constantly stare with envy, only to have things turn out later where the rich people just drive different colored lamborghinis and now no one cares?

Was being envied really the main motivator? Isn't that kind of sad if that's one of people's drives?

Forgive the rambling nature of my post, but I have known people who were the epitome of this, the ones who could only be happy if they were on the top, the ones that could only be satisfied if someone was below them and who would be extremely open about how they were better than everyone else.
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User Info: Lucius43

4 years ago#23
Elite in this game has always been time played with about 10% skill because the skill cap is so low.

User Info: ShiningForceX

4 years ago#24
Tell me one aspect of life where people don't aggressively try to "be on top?" Rudeness, condescension and cheating are found in everything from sports to corporate practices to beauty contests.

WoW is simply a mirror of human nature.
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User Info: Kreyyn

4 years ago#25
Little Zardar posted...
My mindset is that if you want to see the game you should have to put the effort into it.
I already went on an LFR rant in another thread but yeah... I really do think LFR is killing this game. Perhaps not LFR but Blizzard catering to the "I pay $15/mo I'm entitled to see everything" mindset.

If that makes me an elitist then so be it.

Just think about Steve. He has 11 wives 17 dogs 3 fish 22 children and 52 jobs. Steve pays $15 per month just like you, do you really think it's fair that he doesn't have access to bosses without lfr? Hell, lfr should award heroic gear because otherwise it's not fair to poor Steve.
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