The best thing about mists of pandaria

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User Info: redundancies

4 years ago#21
Llanthana posted...
RebelElite791 posted...
TC is like the "The_Abhorrent" (I think) of 2013. Baddie warrior who tried to act like he was amazing until people discovered his armory (though to be fair, TA was even worse). Does anyone remember him?

I do, I liked him at first. Then when people found out he didn't raid (maybe not even heroics) yet still commented on how easy they were he was made fun of. He then became a real different person.

I saw him at the Skyrim PC boards where he was creating this mod, without scripting and he wanted help but stated many times he didn't want to learn how to script. Made my day.

I enjoyed Abhorrent's posts until he started talking about Halls of Reflection as though it was the pinnacle of PvE content.

User Info: CelticsHomerPro

4 years ago#22
Halls was pretty beastly, Encounter with the final expansion boss? Check, Sylvannas? Check
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