Has CRZ brought World PvP back?

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  3. Has CRZ brought World PvP back?

User Info: Ashor3

4 years ago#1
And if so, does it mean PvP servers are a good place to make a new character now?

User Info: DamorahTalset

4 years ago#2
I think it has. In Hellfire Peninsula on Korgath (and various crossed servers) there's decently sized battles going on almost 24 hours a day at all times between Honor Hold and Thrallmar. Maybe they haven't brought it back to what it used to be, but it's definitely back.
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User Info: Kokeii

4 years ago#3
My experience with world PvP while leveling characters since CRZ was implemented is basically this: 90s ganking lowbies in places like HFP, then the lowbies logging on to their mains and/or calling in friends to fight the gankers, then the gankers fleeing to find new lowbies to kill. You'll find a few decent skirmishes between 90s here and there, but honestly for PvP (which is a joke to begin with in this game), you're better off sticking with BGs and Arenas. And again this has just been MY experience. I never go out looking for world PvP, so maybe someone who does will have something different to say.

User Info: Rockeign

4 years ago#4
It's improved it slightly but lolflyingmounts still ruin everything.

User Info: pengalor

4 years ago#5
I've only seen it used for ganking. I have yet to see two similar low level individuals fighting since I started the game back in Wrath.

User Info: Ozymandis

4 years ago#6
Ya my experience with CRZ was just gank, gank, gank. Pretty much just 90s clogging up chokepoint areas like HFP and making it impossible for lowbies to progress. Which is a shame because CRZ could have been implemented with broader PvP changes to make world PvP fun again.
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User Info: XtraT

4 years ago#7
itt world pvp is supposed to involve something else than ganking
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User Info: Coffee_Nurse

4 years ago#8
I saw two lowbies actually engaging in world PvP once. But, I got bored with it, and killed the Alliance player he was fighting. I kind of felt like Julius Caesar.
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User Info: Sticksnrocks

4 years ago#9
Rockeign posted...
It's improved it slightly but lolflyingmounts still ruin everything.


Flying mounts either help 90s easily spot/kill lowbies and they easily allow 90s to avoid being killed by other 90s. Also you won't get people crossing paths at a major quest hub because everyone can just fly.

User Info: stopreadnamethx

4 years ago#10
Rockeign posted...
It's improved it slightly but lolflyingmounts still ruin everything.

Not when you have the right tools...

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  3. Has CRZ brought World PvP back?

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