ITT: post the most loved and hated thing of each xpack you played.

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User Info: metroidfreakv4

4 years ago#1
Vanilla: loved: the world
Hated: every single mechanic you can possibly think of. Possibly. Game was broken

Bc: loved: at the time. Questing. Grabbing a pack of quests at a time was revolutionary at its time.
Hated: BEM, SMV, Zang. And the heroics weren't hard, just annoying to run. CC isn't thinking after it is done so many times. Then it's just tediousness at its finest.

Wrath: loved: the continent was and still is my favorite. It's beautiful. Except for Borean Tundra.
Hated: the year pause of no content/gear score. I put GS there but it's not blizzards fault.. More community. I had serious issues running icc because the req was 5500 or something that meant you had mostly ICC 25m gear, and my gear was 4500. I remember I was maxed out. Simply no more upgrades that I could get unless it was from frost badges. My realm is and was at the time insanely elitist. We were top 3 in us during wrath for progression in the US. And so many took that to heart I guess.

Cataclysm: looved tier 11
Hated: well. I liked FL Somewhat. But really the quality was so ass of everything after t11. Really felt sloppy. Forgiveness points for amazing launch patch with the world changes and all.

MOP: I really love everything. I think the expansion is leagues above everything we've ever gotten in terms of amount of content handed to us, and it's quality.
I have no complaints for mop at this time. Good job blizzard

User Info: Enclosure

4 years ago#2
Loved: BRD, Onyxia's Lair
Hated: 2/3 of the talents

Loved: Most of the Factions. Magister's Terrace.
Hated: My then guild.

Loved: Ulduar. ICC. The Crusader title. My guild which is still my current guild.
Hated: TOC. The crap you had to do all day every day to get the Crusader title.

Didn't play most of it.

Love: The rares and the fun trinkets you can get from them.
Hate: Faction, repgrind and the whole dailies spam you had to do to get a lot of stuff.
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User Info: CM101Play

4 years ago#4
Wrath : Loved questing, hated dungeons.

Cata : Loved Firelands, hated the new BGs

MoP : Love all the variety, hate that my realm feels deader than ever.
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User Info: stopreadnamethx

4 years ago#5
Loved: Questing at the time. Much better than vanilla zones. Sadly, now it's the worst area.
Hated: Blood Elves. Extremely CC-heavy instances such as Heroic Shattered Halls and Heroic Magister's Terrace.

Loved: Questing.
Hated: How mindbogglingly easy most end-game content was.

Loved: Old zones revamped and were much more enjoyable while leveling.
Hated: Everything else, drove me to quit for nearly all of its duration.

Loved: Most class revamps.
Hated: Outlandish item stat bloat.

User Info: DarthSchubert

4 years ago#6
Loved: What felt like this massive, awesomely difficult endgame. Flying.
Hated: Joining too late to enjoy it.

Loved: The graphical enhancements, most of the areas except Icecrown.
Hated: Not a lot really. I guess this was when I realized how much grinding was in the game.

Loved: The IDEA of changing the Vanilla world
Hated: How they actually changed the Vanilla world, making everything easier. Removal of talent trees. Easymode levelling.

Not at the endgame yet. Just came back.
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User Info: 4sakuraHa0

4 years ago#7
Loved: It's new, community is more tight. I met the same people several times while levelling.
Hated: The grinding for questing/raiding, the complicated questing path (You have to fly from Feralas to Hinterland to submit one quest and fly back to Feralas, that means you have to go back to Orgrimmar, take the zeppelin to UC, and walk to Hinterlands if you never travel there before, yes, you need to unlock flight path)

Loved: Karazhan ! Blood Elf, finally we have a good looking female race on Horde.
Hated: Grinding specific dungeons for specific rep.
You were not supposed to quests in specific zone before you reached honored with that faction zone because normal dungeons do not give rep once you get to honored status.

Loved: Northrend, the story, Lich King, fixed the thing that I hate in BC. You just need to equip tabard to grind reputation faction.
Hated: No new contents for 9 months (I basically raided ICC with 5 different characters)

Loved: New looks for Azeroth, quests are more easy to follow.
Hated: Original heroic is so hard to pug. I spent 2 hours to at least complete a heroic with multiple wipes

Loved: Pandaria ! Many contents for different people.
Hated: Gated reputation, luckily they fixed it.
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User Info: angrywalrus13

4 years ago#8
Loved: Leveling. First expansion that I played/got to level cap on, and I was blown away by Northrend.

Hated: Gearscore. Not the game's fault, really. Other than that I was too new to really be able to say what was bad.

Loved: Old world revamp. Like, this was a huge for me as I love leveling alts now. Also loved Vashj'ir. Gorgeous zone.

Hated: Kind of hated having zero progression paths for most of the expansion aside from "trudge through Zandalari in LFD."

Loving: Just about everything, but particularly how well-built Pandaria is as a continent and the lore objects and everything you can discover there. Amazing storytelling and world-building comparatively speaking. Also, just a small thing, but I love the exploration items laying around the world.

Hated: The gated reputation and stuff. Also was not a fan of how useless JP has been all expansion. Basically, the VP/JP stuff at the start of the expansion felt very out of whack. VP feels better now (I like it having the role of upgrading gear and buying some lower-end stuff to fill in gaps), but JP is still useless if you have heirlooms and whatnot.
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User Info: gamedude00000

4 years ago#9
Loved: First time into the game, I was impressed by the amount of races and classes to choose from.
Hated: Quests were terribly unorganized, lacked story except a few key areas.

* I feel it's important to state again that I didn't start playing until BC, but since the Vanilla content overall hadn't been updated until Cataclysm I went ahead and put my thoughts on that too.

Loved: Two new races both of which I enjoyed, new dungeons were fun, raid content was awesome
Hated: Outland

Loved: Heading to Northrend to take the fight to Arthas, new dungeons and raid content were fun
Hated: Borean Tundra

Loved: Updated 1-60 content better organized questing, made many of the quest archs actually have stories, two new awesome races, Firelands, LFR so those without a raid group could experience the content (myself and a few friends fell into that as well after we broke off to start our own guild, so it benefits us as well).
Hated: An entire zone dedicated to a not even remotely obscure pop culture reference Ul'dum. Vashj'ir while awesome to look at put me to sleep quest wise.

Loved: Almost Everything
Hated: Townlong Steppes
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User Info: SilentZed

4 years ago#10
Original - Loved the world, kind of hated leveling.

TBC - Loved the world even more. This was the first time where I kept losing myself in the environment, where I was interested in just exploring and seeing the world, liking the ambient music and the immersion. Started raiding this expansion. Hated that their raiding model had a ten man started raid and then 25 mans, and even introducing another 10 man with ZA.

WotLK - Loved the raiding, world didn't affect me as much as TBC. Can't think of anything I hated really, even nitpicking (aside from never snagging the TLPD). Even the leveling was better.

Cata - Kind of hated the world. It just didn't do it for me. This was the expac I played the least. Raiding seemed decent. I didn't do much heroic raiding in WotLK, aside from ToGC and a few ICC Heroics, this was the first time I was pushing full heroic progression while it was relevant and really enjoyed the challenge of it.

MoP - Hated the time commitment necessary at the beginning of the expansion for optimal PvE progression (they spent two expansions and years cutting down the time commitment...only to raise it back to TBC levels). Thankfully this didn't last 'that' long. Loved virtually everything else, monks, leveling, questing, exploration, voice acting, music.
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