How long to complete the legendary cloak now?

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User Info: Melted_Butter

3 years ago#1
Lets say I just got an alt to 90 and want to make him my long am I looking at for the catch up?
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User Info: CM101Play

3 years ago#2
You could have all the sigils in a day, if you grind rep, idk, maybe a month at worst
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User Info: Blak4xis

3 years ago#3
It depends.

You have the sigils of Power and Wisdom which drop from 36 LFR bosses, those being 6 from Mogushan Vaults, 6 from Heart of Fear, 4 from Terrace of Eternal Spring, 12 from Throne of Thunder and 8 from the first 8 bosses of Siege of Orgrimmar, however, if I'm not mistaken, these can also be looted from the normal/heroic versions of these zones, so in that case, your potential to collect the sigils for 'The Strength of One's Foes' his larger if you run those as well as the LFRs. Having high enough reputation with The Black Prince will let you run the next part after you turn that quest in, letting you run Terrace of Eternal Spring to get the Chimera of Fear from the Sha of Fear. This'll give you your Sha-Touched Gem, which is only useful for your T14 weapons.

After that, you'll have to collect a total of 3000 VP, and that'll take you at least three weeks of reaching the valor cap. On top of that, you'll have more reputation to grind to get to the next part of the quest, which is a group quest that requires you to kill an elite (It can be two-manned if you know what you're doing) and you'll have to win a round of ToK and Silvershard Mines. When you complete these, you'll get the 'Eye of the Black Prince', an item which let you put a prismatic socket on your T14 or T15 items (SoO weapons and items gained from H Scenarios aren't applicable). The problem here is the three week wait to get your VP, and that'll slow things down.

After this, you'll have to collect 20 'Secrets of the Empire' which can drop from all the bosses of ToT as well as 40 Trillium Bars. This part is much like the collection of sigils in the first part, however, they only drop from ToT and the first 8 bosses of SoO. You can run ToT LFR for twelve of them and also ToT Heroic, letting you potentially get 24-25 bosses to get them from. On top of that, you have LFR SoO, Regular/Heroic SoO AND the newly added Flex version of SoO that can get you secrets, a total of an additional potential 24 bosses that can drop you the secrets. In conjunction with this, you'll need to reach exalted with The Black Prince and complete the scenarios on the Isle of Thunder. This will get you your legendary Meta Gem, an item that can be used on any item with a meta slot and will be your BiS meta.

The part where things will slow down for you is 'Echo of the Titans', in which you'll have to collect 12 Titan Runestones. While theres less to collect, they only drop from the last 6 bosses of ToT (with on guaranteed dropped by Lei Shen each week) and the first 8 bosses of SoO. On top of that, they have a smaller drop rate than the Secrets of the Empire, so it'll take you longer to complete. You can get them from LFR and Normal/Heroic ToT and LFR, Flex and Normal/Heroic SoO from the first 8 bosses, so that's a total of 36 bosses you can potentially loot them from, two of those being guranteed from Lei Shen Kills. After that, the rest will be challenges you do on your own by completing one of the four Celetial Trials. This will get you the Epic ilvl 600 Cloak

Lastly, you'll get the final version of the cloak when you turn in 5000 Timeless Coins to Wrathion and defeat the Four Celestials on the Timeless Isle. This will give you the cloak.

Potentially, you can complete the quest chain relatively quickly (faster than you'd be able to back before the legendary items dropped in more than one raid), but it all depends on how much you can raid and which difficulty versions of those raids you can access as well as your luck with drops. Fortunately, Normal/Heroic ToT can be accessed via RiD invites now, letting you run them via oQueue. The most time consuming part will be 'A Test of Valor' (getting your 3k VP) and those Runestones, but if you're lucky, it might just breeze by.

That's all I can really tell you. I wish for you the best when working towards your cloak! :D
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User Info: rvsoldier

3 years ago#4
Can you get Titan Runestones from normal AND lfr on the same week? I've read conflicting reports.

User Info: AdelbertSteiner

3 years ago#5
rvsoldier posted...
Can you get Titan Runestones from normal AND lfr on the same week? I've read conflicting reports.

One chance per boss per week. So if you kill Iron Qon in LFR and get a runestone, you won't be able to get one on normal or heroic.
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User Info: Financial_Wiz

3 years ago#6
Great breakdown! Thanks Blak4xis!
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