loot system weapons

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User Info: tmelton420

3 years ago#1
anyone having problems getting weapons in LFR I have won 3 chest tokens and 3 boots off sha of pride or I get gold
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User Info: tote_all

3 years ago#2
Yeah it's a known issue. It even has a name, it's called "RNG".
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User Info: Ogurisama

3 years ago#3
I jave gotten 2 of the same weapon in LFR SoO so far

User Info: RiloMuse

3 years ago#4
Yes, weapons hate dropping for me, too. Every single time I went for an extra roll, it's been gold.
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User Info: AssultTank

3 years ago#5
I've gotten two weapons and two chest tokens off Sha now. I'm not too upset, they were upgrades for me the first time, and upgrades for my OS the second time.
Any more and I get Sha Crystals, so I still won't be upset.

But I do want that damn trinket...
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User Info: Dawnshadow

3 years ago#6
I can't get a blood weapon to save my life, no matter how many times I coin bosses. I'm still using the Shin'ka I've had since I was running Heart of Fear for upgrades. I've been running LFR ToT and SoO almost every week since I found out I was going to be tanking, and coining every 2h weapon boss while using whichever lootspec has the least total drops on that boss unless it has some really important reason to be in one spec or the other (because, as I understand it, the system first rolls to see if you win loot at all, then rolls to see what piece it is out of those available.)

Ran Flex with my guild tonight, only drop for me was a frost 1h off Norushen (because his only tank drop is a helm with very mediocre itemization, while he has a DPS weapon and DPS trinket.) Nothing at all for my tank spec.
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User Info: tmelton420

3 years ago#7
yea ever since 5.4 came out i cannot get a weapon tto drop on my dk to save my life i even use coins
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