Skull = dps

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User Info: g0tbeef89

3 years ago#1
X = second priority dps/offtank
Star = sap
Moon = sheep
Triangle = hex or root
Square = frost trap
Diamond = banish or mindcontrol
Circle = repentence or other CC that is to be specified by raid leader

If you still remember this, good for you.
"Zerg is too op i make mutas and 3-3 marine die." - DristX99.
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User Info: RiloMuse

3 years ago#2
can you repeat that?

User Info: CM101Play

3 years ago#3
Wait, who has adds?

User Info: RawringAir

3 years ago#4
so dps square?
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User Info: BigBoss2021

3 years ago#5
Okie doke, I'll DPS square until you pick up the aggro, then I'll DPS X. Sound good?
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User Info: LanceFlugerman

3 years ago#6
Haha ya, triangle lol
lol my bot does the finniest ****

User Info: SilentZed

3 years ago#7
I thought Skull meant bad, so I should stay away from or interact the least with Skull.
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User Info: g0tbeef89

3 years ago#8
Go pull.

Hunters use your misdirect.
"Zerg is too op i make mutas and 3-3 marine die." - DristX99.
Ignoring all from tote since 2011.

User Info: stopreadnamethx

3 years ago#9
more like
star = polymorph from mage 1
moon = polymorph from mage 2
triangle = polymorph from mage 3

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User Info: skylinefreek

3 years ago#10
Why was skull always the first to die? Why not x. What made skull so special?
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