Skull = dps

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User Info: dj4242

4 years ago#11
Ok dps star, got it.
Paul "The Kingslayer" George

User Info: MPolo20

4 years ago#12
stopreadnamethx posted...
more like
star = polymorph from mage 1
moon = polymorph from mage 2
triangle = polymorph from mage 3

[1. General] [ObviouslyaProtWarrior]: LF3M magister's terrace need 3 mages and healer

Oh god magisters. Good times. Trinket farmed that boss for vial, to have the rogue/warrior destroy everyone when they break free from cc lol.
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User Info: MPolo20

4 years ago#13
Also, watching good hunters chain trap. And going as far back as warrior tanking h-slabs. Nostalgia train hooooo.
3DS FC: 4055 3480 3786

User Info: Taaron

4 years ago#14
Me and about 5 other guys plan on AOE everything.
Nothing wrong with a 40 year old man watching anime intended for 5 year old Japanese girls.

User Info: dirtchili

4 years ago#15
That's nice I'm just going to attack the boss.
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User Info: mcpwnia

4 years ago#16

User Info: mavlok

4 years ago#17
What's moon again?
'Life is a crap sandwich; the more bread you get the less crap you have to eat.'

User Info: steveoSEK

4 years ago#18
i freezing trapped so many square mobs.

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