"WoW is dying"

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User Info: WhodatJuvat

3 years ago#101
That guy is still furious he got kicked from that guild? Poor guy!

User Info: Metalwario86

3 years ago#102
People claimed wow has been dying since wrath,has it? NOPE.AVI

User Info: Perascamin

3 years ago#103
Wow has gone from 7.6m subs to 7.8m subs in the past 7 months.

GG scarecrows
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User Info: socialUnknown

3 years ago#104
Perascamin posted...
Wow has gone from 7.6m subs to 7.8m subs in the past 7 months.

GG scarecrows


User Info: Lootman

3 years ago#105
I saw a video of the black temple trailer.

The comments from BURNING CRUSADE said that WoW was dying.
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User Info: GreatDrake

3 years ago#106
Yeah WoW is one of those really bad actors that just takes for ever to die lol

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User Info: toolittletime

3 years ago#107
I think sometimes I wish WoW would die so I could get into another game, every other game in WoWs genre is a pale reflection at best.
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User Info: ReptilesBlade

3 years ago#108
scarecrows posted...
socialUnknown posted...
scarecrows posted...
They are losing 1-2 million subscriptions every year. Compare that 1 billion to what they were making back in wrath. The fact that I even have to type this fact out is pathetic.

You mean it's doing what every single game in the history of gaming has done?

Eve Online is gaining subs.

How about a few little facts that CCP does not want widely known about its baby Eve Online. This comes from a player who played that game for 5 years until I quit a few years ago. Me.

1. I would buy that Eve Online has increased accounts, but not many actual subs. Almost every Eve player has multiple accounts per player that they all play simultaneously. With the average player having 2-3 accounts and vast amounts of their player base having 5+.

2. About 3 years ago during the release of the Incarna expansion a mass revolt happened due to general garbage behavior by CCP at the time. The end result was that about 1/4th of the players left the game with many more actively protesting while waiting to leave as well, this however had a massive effect on the game as those players took over 1/3rd of the accounts with them. The end result was CCP was hit with a sudden revenue shortage that caused them to abort a game they were developing called World of Darkness and triggered a giant wave of layoffs throughout every department of the company.

Basically Eve Online is a time bomb just waiting to go off. It will do so when a large part of its player base either gets bored or fed up with it like I did or otherwise just simply stops playing. Once that happens CCP will be a company that ceases to exist in a very short period of time.
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User Info: WhodatJuvat

3 years ago#110
And, as usual, the guy named Lance needs to blood dope in order to win.

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