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User Info: Turducken

5 years ago#1
Bout full on the other one, so I guess I'll set this li'l feller up now.
Dog tears are the truest tears of all. SO SAYS MISTER VISION

User Info: VisionRing30

5 years ago#2
Since I don't want to fill up the last of the space in the other topic with pages of Killer 7 talks, I'll just post it all here.

Might, dunno. My own posting is probably gonna become more erratic because the job thing is getting more stressful. But maybe nothing will change; I think I’ve said that before and nothing changed. Appreciate the head’s up, though.

I see. I am sorry to hear that the job situation may be getting more stressful, but, at least it kind of works in our favor for this. Silver lining and all that, which I usually hate being told about. As an addition to my previous statement, I think I could very well go over a week before I'm able to log in again...ugh, taking all these classes in one semester had to have been a mistake.

Eh, you’ll fall behind maybe and we’ll get you caught up. Nothing I’m too worried about. I can probably compensate for a lot of it by giving you longer sections with less frequent choices, if possible, whereas the others can go along with the short and rapid-fire (not so much at the moment, but that’s the idea) style.

Hm, alright, that would certainly work.

Well, I can’t be too mad at Smiley. He’s an old pal, he is. Plus he’s apparently had enough bad stuff happen to him as of late.

Fate must hate people on this board or something.

Barely stayed FOR Thanksgiving, and that was too much, even. But it’s fine, I guess. See ya next year!

I'm sure that was for the best.

No?! I’ve shoehorned in things I probably shouldn’t have before! And will again, no doubt! It’s almost tempting, in a way. We’ll see…

But...I don't want to see Harman as a zombie dinosaur!

Cute. I like them! They’re little and they don’t hurt me! But they blind me. Huh. I wonder if they blind Con, too. He’s already blind! Never tried it out.

I'm pretty sure they still make him blind. In his case I guess they just make him go deaf.

Well, I know by now (beat the game!) but totally missed whatever clue during it because I’m dense.

Remember the final scene with the two chess playing characters in that weird room? Well, the weapon used was a tip-off, but you'd also have to know what's been going on in that scene before. I wouldn't say you're dense, it's just very hard to figure out.

I like switching off his channel and then right back to it so he has to say it again. Don’t tell ME what to do, Garcian! I’m in charge! I’ve got the controller!

Not according to the end of Alter Ego.

And I like making conversations with different characters being used. I think one of them was like,

Garcian: Don't make me say it again
Kevin: *Dramatic silence*
Coyote: F**k em'!
Con: Yeah!

W-were you sad when he died, then? Did you expect Garcian Stillman to become a K7-style ghost with spookytalks?

Not really, but I thought the first part of the end to Killer 7 was pretty sad. At least it felt sad.

I have no idea what that is, except I think it’s another Studio 51 (hehehe) game. If so, yeah, I’m a little close to insanity as is.

Exactly, except in that game you save math problems of varying difficulty in order to unlock items and fill out your collection. Well, you don't have to, but some combinations of items unlock new costume. However, most don't do anything on their own. But, if you want to unlock EVERYTHING, you must solve them all. Every excruciating little one.

I actually ended up using Con a good bit. My #3 guy, probably. His guns shoot so fast! It’s fun! And he’s a squirrely little bastard with the running speed.

Ah, so you were able to get past his weird viewpoint change. Very good.
"Laughter is the countdown of devastation."- Killer 7, end of Sunset

User Info: VisionRing30

5 years ago#3
Yeah, I know. For no reason! It’s stupid and I won’t do it! Plus the letters and stuff spell it normal.

There's kind of a reason. When the game was in Japanese, all the names were spelled with all caps. When they translated the game, they changed everyone's names except KAEDE and MASK, who kept their original names in all caps.

(SPOILERS) I beat it. So yeah, it’s like 22 pages of talks.

Destiny. And wow, you really knocked this game out.

Lots of rockets huh? Er, sorry, rawkits. Are we in Metal Slug all of a sudden? RAWKIT LAWNCHAIR!!!

We are?! Awesome! SHOTgun!


The TASTY TASTY BLOOD comments are what’s the word!?!?! OH YEAH WEIRD!! Every time you kill someone. All I need is blood (not love) Bloody hell, etc etc. These are okay, I guess.

Like a lot things in the game, just chalk it up to weirdness.

I’m honestly beginning to hate this game a bit.


Why is Kaede (I have no idea how to pronounce that. Like K’d?) asking if I noticed her makeup when she’s got a gaping stomach wound?! I DIDN’T HONESTLY I WAS TOO BUSY LOOKING AT THE BLOOD. Obviously the game wants me interested in blood anyway. But kinda am more curious as to where her shoes are!

I think I know how to pronounce it, but I don't know how to type it out that way...And as you know by now, all has been revealed...

I wonder if I have to wait for the stupid WHERE THE BLOOD or whatever comment in the upper right to officially get the bloodsperience points, so like if I leave a room before it says it I get screwed? I dunno, but I wait just in case. Seems not to matter the more I play.

You know, I really don't know. But it's probably inconsequential.

What is the max level for a stat? Does it depend of the person(ality)?

I believe they all have the same max levels.

So each of these ‘Smiths’…are they different aspects to the ‘main’ but so far unseen guy, Harman? Seems that way; Garcian’s the cool guy, Dan’s the hothead, Kaede’s his feminine side, Coyote might be the paranoid or psychotic side, Con the youthful douchebag side. Hehehe...

That would make sense, wouldn't it?

Why’s this thing keep track of my ‘smashes’ (criticals)? How many I’ve done in a row? Does it do anything? Does making that higher make my bloodsperience earned per kill increase? Doesn’t seem like it does. But then WHYYYY?

Just there for you to see how accurate you are, I guess.

I am starting to enjoy this game a bit more now that I’ve gotten somewhat of a handle on its ‘learning curve’.



And yet, in the Japanese version of the game, the gibberish-sounding characters spoke in English.

Huh. Garcian can’t be upgraded in anything. That better mean he’s pretty kickass to begin with.

You're both right and wrong.
"Laughter is the countdown of devastation."- Killer 7, end of Sunset

User Info: VisionRing30

5 years ago#4
Travis’ shirt now says BAD GIRL. He’s gonna have different dumb words on his shirt every location, isn’t he?

You expect him to wear the same clothes all the time? What is this, a cartoon?

Does time continue to pass while I’m paused? Like enemies being able to get me?

No, that'd be very annoying and I'd never be able to just sit back and enjoy Sweet Blue Flag.

The ‘Save Maid’ is here too. But now she’s got pink (orange? Hard to tell) hair and no maid clothes. Creepo warned me about that! She won’t save now NOOOO! People dressed like hookers can still work a television, c’mon!

True, but that particular person dressed like a hooker doesn't give a s**t about anything in that form. Especially not saving data on her TV for a bunch of weirdos!

Um, I just made so much serum the doctor’s machine broke and he put a CLOSED sign on it. At least I didn’t screwed out of my excess blood that way.

You're really getting attached to that blood, aren't you?

Aaah! Ghost! These ghosts creep me out, man… And “who’s hand was it?” Oh, Capcom.

Well yeah, they're ghosts. And I think that's a reference I don't get.

Wow, Iwazaru is a dick. Saying I’m gonna die OH and now it’s Name of the Fool instead of Master well F*** YOU CREEPO GIMP!!!

You don't have to get so mad over his one slip-up. He's a gimp on a bungee cord, I think he's being punished enough.

Um, this pigeon note says Kaede uses a large automatic rifle. She doesn’t! Odd because everyone else was right.

General consensus seems to be that it's what she know, before...

And is the BIRD’S name Bianca? At least I thought the guy was writing to a Bianca, but it says Emir at the start. Who cares what the bird’s name is?!?!

The creators of this game, of course! So you should too!

Kaede’s gun takes FOREVER to reload. It’s just a handgun, c’mon! You’re supposed to be a professional assassin!

She's the only one that seems to fumble while reloading. I wonder why that is...


Susie the prudie
Susie packs an uzi

Okay, I kinda like Mask (no caps!) because he has a cape and a suit. The cape flutters dramatically when I do a running quick-turn. I feel like a superhero when I’m him!

You're spelling it wrong! And you should see Kevin's running quick-turn.

Oh, now idiotzaru offers his apologies for before. SHADDUP YOU IT’S TOO LATE!

He calls you "master", what more do you want?!

Do Smiths not in use gradually heal? Pretty sure Dan was in worse shape the last time I used him.

If they do that's a detail I never really noticed.

Travis keeps blocking his shirt words! I haven’t been able to see ‘em since the parking lot!

He knows what you said about them...

Gateman is weird (big surprise, right?) He magically makes a nightclub in the middle of an office building? Okay, pal.

Next, please. Where to?

Um, okay. This new scary Smile they built up as so badass died pretty easy.

Yeah, not much to a Speed Smile.
"Laughter is the countdown of devastation."- Killer 7, end of Sunset

User Info: VisionRing30

5 years ago#5
Did I just teleport back to the start of the dance club area? What’s happening!??!

IT'S THE VINICULUM (I can't spell that word...) GATE! Now rave dance to Rave On!

I guess it’d be alright to use him when my blood thing’s full like now, but that’d still break my critical combo (upper right corner) thing, and I’m far too stubborn to allow that.

Oh, you.

Likewise Kevin doesn’t have a Waver stat, instead he has Invisibility. And Mask has Range (explosive range?).


I’m Harman now! Versus a J-Boss. Very extra wings and giant eyes and rosy cheeks. No more extra wings, though! Good work HARMIN’ her, Harman! HAHAHAHH!!

Goodnight child, it's past your bedtime.

Harman again. Why couldn’t I just have stayed him for the boss!? Anyway, I win. Easy ass boss.

Have you seen him move?!

Kun Lun looks way too much like Kazuya in Tekken 2. Given the graphics thing I mentioned before, I are scareds.

I don't know what that other guys like, so I'll keep thinking Kun Lan is just a normal, happy, laughing kind of guy!

No more air travel? Instead super highways? That seems like a stupid idea, and wouldn’t eliminate terrorism at all. One would think these highway would be major targets for terrorists constantly. Besides, it would take forever to get anywhere!

Not as many people in one place I guess. And as you'll eventually see: Rocket cars! Bon voyage! Don't drive yo'self to death!

Also, big surprise that the Super Cutscene is an anime. Still, it’s kind of nice in contrast to the usual HIGH-RES CGI. And was that a young Harman? He’s dreeeaaamy…~_~

Just the first change of graphics. And I didn't think he was young there, but yes, he is very dreamy.

The maid reminds me way too much of a certain Dragonball character with the hair color change and multiple personality disorder.

I think I know who you mean, but Samantha is much more fun.

Mask sure sounds like a little guy for such a big guy.

A surprise to many people when they first played, I believe.



And great, the Smiles can teleport in behind me now?

Sure, why not?

Oh Christ, it’s the talking decapitated head again. Creepy ass thing. Always giving me rings. Is this some dead housewife?

Somehow I think she'd have some problems getting married. Just saying.

I like that they say new things at the TV this level. And is it my imagination of is Kaede’s dress a bit more blood-spattered this level? Con also is wearing different (colored) clothes, and Coyote too.

Like I said, this isn't a cartoon! Even Kevin will put on a new belt.

Man, this chapter sure is cramming JAPAN IS SUPER SPECIAL down my throat. I shouldn’t let ‘em get crunched. But I don’t care if they do! Hah!

Is it really?

Mask just suplexed lumber and headbutted a bullet. I love this guy (outside of combat).

Yeah, he's a pretty cool guy, with some unfortunate weapons as far as the game goes.
"Laughter is the countdown of devastation."- Killer 7, end of Sunset

User Info: VisionRing30

5 years ago#6
This has to be the freakiest-designed restaurant I’ve ever seen. Did they have George Trevor build the place?

Wouldn't be surprised.

Each of these carrier pigeons (I do believe it is the pigeons themselves now) are named! And this Johnny guy who’s writing the notes is a wiener. “Dur I keep lowering how much I’m gonna charge you cuz I’m a chicken and you won’t pay me at all actually but I’ll keep sending you info.”

Would you rather have boring, unnamed birds? And yeah, screw Johnny, he's dumb.

Uh-oh, there’s an assassin after me? A regular human? No sweat!

You'll find this game has a very loose definition of "regular".

The counter-attacks are cool. But how does Dan use his if he needs to reload OH MY GOD

He just made you THINK he had to reload.

Is that nice chef Mask saved a demons? Gimp-suit McGee thinks so!

But then, he's Gimp-suit McGee.

Harman again. Go get ‘em, hero! Go…have a polite conversation with your would-be-victim.

Mmm, tea.

See, this is where subtitles would be damn handy. I can barely hear Julia over the fire crackling.

Yeah, the sound was way too low in that part.

Well, Julia Kisugi can Kis HER ugi goodbye. HA-HA-HA! Meesho Compreet! But a strange fight. We’re just supposed to stand there and shoot the hell out of each other? I doubt either of these ‘regular humans’ could take over forty bullets to the chest/head!

I'm guessing you didn't make the same mistake as me and go into that fight as MASK. It's literally impossible to win that fight as MASK.

With all the screaming coming from Harman’s room in the trailer, I’m beginning to be more inclined to think Samantha IS just a hooker.

Doesn't really sound like Harman though...

Oh, Garcian. You drive the cutscenes but are never used in-game when not forced to. So much for thinking he’d start out awesome back when.

Give him time. And resurrecting people with nothing but a head and a paper bag is pretty awesome.


You just can't get these Japanese corporate guys to take a day off, no matter what happens to them.

Travis Shirt: MAGNUM. Appropriate since I’m using Billy Coen…er, Coyote, who uses one.

Coyote is way more awesome than Billy.
"Laughter is the countdown of devastation."- Killer 7, end of Sunset

User Info: VisionRing30

5 years ago#7
Kaede now has a Critical Lock-on skill so that as soon as I scan them it centers right on the sweet spot. Scan, immediately fire, and they die almost every time. I think I love her now.

Blood-soaked dress and Critical Lock-On. It's a winning combination.

The mask-holding hint guy calls her Mr. Smith. Ass.

Especially if you shoot his mask.

I like the funny rave tune in the dance/club coliseum area. It gets my blood boiling for a modern karate fight!

I think I was just confused by it when I first heard it. But, it is Rave On, so it is what it is.

Little Stripe-Shirt’s back. I’m glad he’s here to give me hints and all, but he freaks me out, man…

Yeah, he's probably the freakiest of the ghosts. I mean, his last name is Bloodysunday, how could he ever be normal?

DePaul, the chef, returns. And another confrontation with the hero Mask (I think Mask is voiced by Raiden’s voice actor Quinton Flynn). In the end, though, DePaul…(sunglasses) got squished by DeWall (okay the ceiling but whatever heheheh).

Actually, he shot himself after the ceiling hit him. Yeah...I don't know why either, especially since it seemed like he did it on purpose.

Okay Steve Blum is definitely a voice in this game. BLUUUUUM!!! (fist to heavens)

I'm not sure what that's all about...

I have no clue how to play Mah Jongg. But I bet I could beat these four jokers cuz they’re all dead now!

Wouldn't it be embarrassing if you still lost?


I hate emoticons too, but she's still pretty interesting. '_'

Stripey wants to be the prez! He can be president of Ghost Town I guess…

When will the living stop discriminating against Ghostican Americans? Bloodysunday for president in 2012!

Time to fight the two Creepy Corpses. Head-crunchedzers. They weren’t too bad to kill. Hint-boy screwed their day up royally. But I shot a vase of roses during the fight and it exploded with dramatic and sprinkle. Did that do anything? Seemed important.

That fight took me way too long ti figure out when I first played, mostly because I didn't figure the hint out. I'm not going to say how long because it's embarrassing. And shooting the vase just makes it easier to shoot at them.

And there’s Vision’s sig!! YEAAAH!!

Yay! It lives on!

Andre Almeida? Tony’s brother?! Also he sounds like he might be Liquid… Wow, what a freak.

We're talking guys who beat off five times a day! (Or was it four? Eh...) Yep, that's Cam Clarke.

Cloudman, huh? Wily’s Robot Masters are on our hit list now?

As if the game weren't weird enough already.
"Laughter is the countdown of devastation."- Killer 7, end of Sunset

User Info: VisionRing30

5 years ago#8
Okay, Samantha is definitely a hooker. Hooker-maid. Like that episode of Seinfeld!

Or a rapist. And Garcian is either asexual, or he knows better.

So with the lights off, Harman is able to talk and Samantha’s a nice maid, but lights on and he’s catatonic and she’s a hooker. (shrug)

Pay attention to the lighting in the save rooms too.

The animated cutscenes kinda remind me of Cowboy Bebop in tone, style, and music.

I think I can see it. Must be the desert look of the whole place.

Haha, Iwazaru hates afros. Me too, man, me too. Finally we agree on something. Afro Cult, though? Ooookay…

There, he's not such a bad guy after all, see?

Heh, the Ulmeyda Smiles wear t-shirts. “That’s it,” as Iwazaru would say. They’re easy pickin’s! One hole in their favorite shirt ruins their day but good! I can understand that feeling.

Bet you could have used more of these guys in the first level.

I must say, this game loads up fast as hell. Even with the targeting thing slowing me down a little, I can still go from system-being-turned-on to back-in-the-action in like…I dunno, a minute it feels like.

The Gamecube version is much better with load times than the PS2 version, or so I've heard.

AAH!!! HEAD RING (Susie, her name is apparently) IS IN A GAS PUMP!! Susie hates her name. Elaine on Seinfeld likes it okay. Just not Suze. Susie with an Uzi, eh? And a foul mouth. So much for the housewife theory. Also, I just noticed that when I get rings from Susie the thing says whatever ring returned. Not acquired or found, returned. So that’s interesting…

Indeed. And a foul mouth is probably the least of her problems. Yes, that's very interesting.

“God and the pigeons are one” and “Trust the tanktop”. Yep, it’s a cult!

They can't be that crazy, they know about Travis' tanktops. Or they're out of their minds. Whichever is better.

Oh, goodness. Ulmedya collection. He’s in a spacesuit! I gotta collect ‘em all!

Too bad those things don't really exist. Who wouldn't want Cheerleader Ulmeyda?

Whoa. Kevin’s quick-turn while running is XTREME TO THA MAXX.

Ah, so you did see it.

Hey, it’s Julia the Ghost now! Hi, Ghostlia!

Better get used to the guest star ghosts.

Okay did this cult member say their dad made the Lord of the Rings movies on Thanksgiving so his son (the cult member) killed him!? THE HELL!?!?

That I don't remember at all...

Um, what the hell just happened? Was the entire Umbrella building I was in just a giant billboard?! NOTHING MAKES SENSE IN THIS GAME!!

There's a perfectly good and logical (for the game) explanation for it.

Okay, so Ulmedya’s head flew off…then reattached itself. And then his afro flies off. Waaah!!

If you just killed him like he asked you wouldn't have had to see that.
"Laughter is the countdown of devastation."- Killer 7, end of Sunset

User Info: VisionRing30

5 years ago#9
D-did I seriously kill Ulmedya in one hit? By shooting his AFRO!?!?

Your shot was powered by your hatred of afros.

Hey the car kid lived. And he…knows what Ulmedya’s blood tastes like. And Ulmedya’s blood painted the formerly white car red. Neat!

Cult= They literally drank his blood, and gained the same immunities has him. Hence why Clemence didn't die like weird army guy.

Hm, looks like this next guy is a real badass. Did he kill the lady at the end?!

You'll find one of the game's best cutscenes.

Quit bugging Garcian, vote-guy! Vote or die, I guess?

It's actually more than that, if you want me to tell you.

Did Garcian just say Dan is dead? That he’s BEEN dead? H-hmmm…

Indeed. I'm sure you can figure it out.

I rather like the map-bits where I go from my trailer to places. Feels…Xtreme… And the tune is good, too.

Song is called "Geopolitics" if you're interested.

I opened a treasure chest to find THE HEAD WITH A RING IN ITS MOUTH GOD!!!!

She knows where you live.

The Protector Smiles look a helluva lot like Tyrants.

Now that you mention it...yeah, they do.

Mask powered UP! Good GOD he reloads fast now! But he lost his suit…

I wish he'd kept the suit too.

Hey, it’s my head-blown-off buddies.

Kurahashi and Akiba.

K-Killer Mansion? WOW WHAT A MANSION

Look out, Barry! Turd wants everyone's blood now! Even Chris'!

So the target has all girl orphans, sanctioned by the government thanks to Pedro…? I guess you could say he’s… (sunglasses) a Pedrophile.


Oh I finally get to use Con’s amazing I’M SHORT ability. Like one of the others couldn’t have just crawled under that. Con, you ass.

I thought the same thing too. I guess they're just self-conscious about the "kid's entrance" thing or something.

I think that the music that plays during the Squeaker’s Attack game is adorable. Aww… and the version that plays when you win even more so.

Usually I just blow up the cheese with MASK, so I don't really get to hear it much.

A new gun for Dan the Man?! I’ll take that! Demon Gun!

Complete with extra bullets!

D-did Stripey just say Adults are THE SUCK? Now I hate him. Great.

Aw, I liked that line.
"Laughter is the countdown of devastation."- Killer 7, end of Sunset

User Info: VisionRing30

5 years ago#10
I-I’ll give you one single solitary guess as to my feelings towards Ayame Blackburn…

I'll take "Weird" for $1,040,000.02, Alex.

God this thing creeps me out. At least it’s over.

But what about...the music?!

Looks like it’s the end for Pedro.

The fate of the girl is revealed. Though where he was keeping her head...

Garcian has a nice car.

If you think that one's nice...

Protector Z and ZZ? Dragonball and Gundam references, eh?

Uh...I don't know, are they?

God Dan is a killing machine now (not that he wasn’t before). Guess it’s only fair since this is his Special Chapter and all. Will the others get any love? He’s really the only one other than Garcian to even be mentioned in the story (besides pigeon notes).

Sadly, no. I would have liked them to be fleshed out more too. Technically they are, just not in the game.

Been a while since I’ve seen a pigeon. Hey, this nerd Johnny sent headless Susie with the Uzi after Emir. Guess that didn’t turn out so hot for her, huh?

Probably not.

I’m guessing Billy is Stripey-Shirt? The others are accounted for.


Oh, great, Headless Susie again. I’m guessing this story’s about Johnny.

I doubt it, considering the whole hunting-rifle thing. It just HAPPENED to be there. I'M NOT A PSYCHO!

How the hell do you SAY an emoticon god damn it?!?

She found a way.

Ulmedya!! Um, his saying that Clemence has his DNA was ICKY!!

He's not THAT kind of cult leader! At least, I hope not...

Jesus balls this little piece of crap can take a lot of punishment. I had to use up all my healbloods AND switch out to everyone so that by the time it was over every last Smith was down to a single hit or so left.

Yeah, she's pretty tough considering the previous bosses. And for the identity, see my other comment. Although there was a time when I thought Ayame was her, but I still think she was Mary.

Whitehair’s fight was more of a simple puzzle, but whatever. See you in hell, old man.

Not sure why he chose to use the pigeon, it's just working against him.


Well, it involves some kind of taxidermy and little girls so...yeah...

Off to the fight the Rangers now it seems?! YEAH! They’re my alter egos, huh? I guess that makes sense (not at all actually!)

You're right, it doesn't. But even more importantly, Dead is not a color!

Hey, Iwazaru finally does something besides weird me out! He wants to be the hero this time? Go ahead and get those color samples, little guy! This is your chance! Don’t let me down!

Now don't you feel bad for what you said about him before?
"Laughter is the countdown of devastation."- Killer 7, end of Sunset
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