Water sample= RE's hardest puzzle?

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  3. Water sample= RE's hardest puzzle?

User Info: 1949tcr

9 years ago#1
My 1st time through this game ,. the water sample test killed me..It took me awhile to use my brain ( old age )..Also RE4 to get the green gem was a pain..But the water was the hardest for me..

User Info: resident1fan

9 years ago#2
Water sample puzzle is the hardest in RE history closely tied with Ashleys sliding puzzle in RE4 imo.

User Info: mmx83

9 years ago#3
The sliding puzzle in RE4 is a joke.

User Info: neo revolution

neo revolution
9 years ago#4
No it's not. It took me two hours to solve that sliding puzzle.
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User Info: Geezguy

9 years ago#5
It's not that hard when you get a hang of it, the same goes for Ashley's puzzle.
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User Info: Tiporeal

9 years ago#6
I find the water test really easy , its fun though
TiPo RoSSo

User Info: bradgfy

9 years ago#7
the key to the water test puzzle is to look at the spaces between, not the actual colored areas. row B and C each have a gap that can only go in a few places. The hardest puzzle is the machine that makes the antivirus, it seems completely random and took me a long time to solve it on my first try.

User Info: Tiporeal

9 years ago#8
but after the first try , it becomes one of the easier ones , since it's always the same
TiPo RoSSo
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  3. Water sample= RE's hardest puzzle?

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