How hard is this game?

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User Info: Gang__Green

8 years ago#1

asks the person who cheated his way through GTA IV. I want to finally get it but I can imagine it collecting dust after I get stuck on level 0.1.

User Info: Chaos_blasta

8 years ago#2
I'm assuming you just started,so Normal.The game is somewhat hard,what you must remember mostly is save ammo,so use this trategy:
1.shot enemy in head
2.get near him and press A
3.while he's on the ground,bring your kniive and slash him
4.Rinse and repeat
This is the easiest way to do it,also,1-1 is actually hard due to the village fight,so don't worry,you may die a few times but you will do it (if you want to skip that fight,go up/down the stairs on the big tower repeatedly,the enemies won't hurt you that way,and the fight ends in like 5-6 minutes)
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User Info: Gang__Green

8 years ago#3

Thanks, man. I haven't got it yet but I've decided to have a go. It looks supreme judging from the videos I've seen.

User Info: thedan11

8 years ago#4
The beginning is the hardest part of the game imo, where ammo is the most scarce and the enemies gang up on you just as much as later parts of the game. I don't know how far you've gotten, but if you can make it past the Ganados' Last Stand (in the small house), you should be good. That and the part of the village with the two-part medallion is always the hardest part of the game for me.
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User Info: TheMightyPickle

8 years ago#5
I've been harder.
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User Info: Gang__Green

8 years ago#6
thanks everyone. i've managed to get past the part with the lake monster where you're on the boat and have to throw those spear things at it. wow, this game is just brilliant, i can't believe its last-gen.
i have died quite a few times though, but i love it! i was speechless after having my head chainsawed off for the first time.

User Info: Simon33333

8 years ago#7
yah this game is excellent playability wise. (opinion)
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User Info: Whimsical_Gamer

8 years ago#8
Very first time it is hard. Opening village level you might have problems with. Few other parts. Just stick it out and when you replay it you get a lot back and start out just as strong!

You'll enjoy it once you get hang of it all!
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User Info: SragentThom

8 years ago#9
just brilliant, i can't believe its last-gen.

stop under estimating the gamecube an Xbox hard ware.

User Info: GeneralWhite

8 years ago#10
This game is amazing, but can be equally frustrating at the same time.
I remember being in shock the first time i had my head cut off.
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