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User Info: Cherrypoptart

8 months ago#1
So I had an idea while out hunting the other day...A rifle run, specifically the bolt action rifle. I'm sure someone has done this before, but I haven't heard much about one, so I made up my own rules:

1. No firearm except the bolt action rifle. This means no firing a shot until the rifle can be bought (the first chapter)
2. I can use any item I pick up except firearms. Grenades are ok.
3. The merchant can be used only to buy the rifle and then to upgrade it.

So yeah, pretty straightforward. Obviously I can think of some areas that might be a headache, namely any areas where crowd control is a problem. Especially because of the slow shot speed of the BAR.

User Info: Cherrypoptart

8 months ago#2
Chapter 1-1:

Started out rough, I'm a little rusty. Got hit by the first enemy haha. But made it through the chapter without much trouble, no shots fired (obviously).

Chapter 1-2:

Sold the handgun and bought the rifle (yay!) Used the knife for the canyon and the following area, mainly saving up rifle ammo in these early chapters, still no shots fired. I think I have a box of 10 bullets plus the 7 in the rifle at this point.

First few chapters shouldn't be too bad, hopefully can stockpile some ammo. I don't know if I want to use any grenades or not at this point. Might make it too easy? A clarification on the merchant: upgrading is only allowed for the magazine capacity (as of now anyways). And of course I started from a fresh new game, so no stockpiled ammo from a previous file.

User Info: BimmyLee

8 months ago#3
I did something similar once but with the BAR from 1-1 to 2-3, and replacing it with the SAR from 3-1 onwards: NewGame, Pro; BAR, SAR and Knife only; Merchant only allowed for buying the weapons (no upgrades allowed).

It was ok, but it did have the problem that in order to save ammo, it ended up being a knife run too often. Also, since rifle-ammo drops are pretty rare, there wasn't much incentive to kill enemies or to break boxes, so many times I'd just run through an area.

Grenades would make it too easy perhaps, but they might be worth it for the Cabin and the Bulldozer at least, so you don't need to stockpile on too many healing items (or to avoid the frustration of having to grind for no-damage/little-damage).

User Info: Cherrypoptart

8 months ago#4
Yeah the ammo scarcity thing is one thing I'm a little concerned about, namely for the Salazar fight. And yeah, the cabin and bulldozer are another thing I have been thinking about. But, we will see when we come to that. So far, no grenades used.

Chapter 1-3:
No big deal here. A little sloppy in the marsh, I was playing around more than I should have. No shots fired.

Chapter 2-1:
Had to shoot three times at the crates obviously. El Gigante was a little rough, and I hate to admit that I did die once. But I made it through.

At the start of chapter 2-2, I have fired three rifle shots, and I have 23 bullets left.

User Info: Cherrypoptart

8 months ago#5
Chapter 2-2:
I knew the cabin fight would be interesting, turns out I did end up using a few grenades for crowd control. I fired a total of 7 rifle shots in the fight, mostly for pesky plaga.

Chapter 2-3:
Not too bad a chapter, did use 9 total shots, 8 on the lift and 1 obligatory shot on the truck driver at the end of the chapter. Knifed Mendez, which is actually the first time I have fully knifed him before, usually I end up shooting his second form on my handgun runs. At the end of the chapter I'm left with 26 bullets and and empty rifle.

Bimmy, I see what you mean about this turning into more of a knife run than anything. But, this run is also far more intense than the handgun/knife runs I have tried in the past, simply because there is such a shortage on ammo. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Again, I'm a little worried about Salazar at this point, I may have to upgrade the damage on the rifle for him.

User Info: dxm8975

8 months ago#6
Wow, interesting challenge you brought up here, man :) Although personally I don't think it's something "weird" since I've already seen some of the Japanese players doing alike challenges on a Japanese video sharing website called "Nico-nico douga" with the old-class weapons such as Red 9, Broken Butterfly and BAR. (Yet the challenges they tackled with not being "precisely" the same as what you're doing here)

I myself am also one of the players who had spent countless number of hours on the game on various different versions(PS2, PAL GC and PS3), but have never done any kind of "restricted" runs as I'm too lazy to do that, plus to me it seemed rather pointless to do one because you don't get any of the prizes or in-game trophies in return, just to satisfy yourself by trying to maxi out your playing skills with pretty much a restricted set of weapons. :(

As for the rifle run I'm not sure about that, but as Bimmy points out it's gonna be way more dismaying than handgun runs in terms of the number of ammos you can take from the random drops, you can hardly get the rifle bullets from the barrels or as a loot from the enemies you did away with as opposed to the handgun bullets you tend to get almost continuously. :p
My RE4 Records - Separate Ways : 26:18
Mercenaries - Village : 207700 / Castle : 319470 / Base : 188400 (Ada : 185700) / Water World : 203600 (Ada : 200300)

User Info: BimmyLee

8 months ago#7
dxm8975 posted...
As for the rifle run I'm not sure about that, but as Bimmy points out it's gonna be way more dismaying than handgun runs in terms of the number of ammos you can take from the random drops, you can hardly get the rifle bullets from the barrels or as a loot from the enemies you did away with as opposed to the handgun bullets you tend to get almost continuously. :p

Yeah, this is unfortunately the case. Sometimes you'd clear an entire area of enemies and break all the random boxes and you'd only get 1 or 2 ammo-boxes, or even no box at all. The solution is farming ammo (breaking a box and reloading the game until it drops rifle-ammo); problem is that it's boring as hell, as it can take 20 or more tries to drop rifle-ammo (sometimes it'd take a lot less though). But as long as Cherry keeps using grenades for the ammo-heavy parts (like the six armored knights) and upgrading the capacity and firepower, I don't think ammo is gonna be a huge issue for him (you're a him, btw, Cherry?).

Thinking about it more, it does seem grenades and upgrading the BAR a bit are practically required for this run. It might be technically doable without grenades & upgrading, but I'm guessing it would be as hardcore as a plain knife run; certainly much harder than a pistol+knife run. The unupgraded BAR is just too garbage in the Castle/Island; not even comparable to the unupgraded SAR.

How's the run going, btw?

User Info: Cherrypoptart

8 months ago#8
Yes, I am a him.

I have pretty much settled on the fact that I'm gonna have to use grenades and upgrade the rifle, pretty much for the reasons you two have posted. I don't think I'll resort to farming, but again I'm worried about having enough ammo for Salazar. I hadn't even thought about the armored knights...

I haven't been able to play the last few days (work keeps me pretty busy Monday through Thursday), so I am still at the start of chapter 3-1. I'll update this thread when I get a chance to play again.

User Info: Cherrypoptart

7 months ago#9
Chapter 3-1:

The first of the dreaded chapters :/. I got through the catapaults easily enough without using any ammo, knifed the garrador without much trouble, then we have the water room. I knifed the first half with the use of a few grenades here and there when I got into a heavy crowd. I used a total of 15 rifle shots, majority being in the second half. A few of the shots unfortunately missed their mark entirely and are thus completely wasted :(. However, I was actually able to gain ammunition, because of the two generous rifle ammo drops in the chapter, and a few randoms here and there. I also upgraded the capacity at the start of the chapter, so I have a total of 49 bullets at the end of the chapter. Not too shabby, maybe I won't have to upgrade the firepower.

User Info: wonderingalien

7 months ago#10
Cherrypoptart posted...
Chapter 3-1:

The first of the dreaded chapters :/..

Water room + Ashley - rifle = hell. I tried not to use grenades. I hate how they flank the crap out of you.

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