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User Info: lonelyhamster

4 years ago#1
I liked the missions in the first game a bit better, though I didn't finish that one because there are no quicksaves. Hitman 1 is like an easy puzzle game where a lot of the missions are experimenting to see what you can get away with. The missions start off short and sweet but they eventually get longer and since there are no quicksaves every time you try something that doesn't work you would have to do the whole long level again. In this one there are quicksaves. The levels are bigger for some reason, maybe to give the game a stealth aspect on higher difficulties. But on normal where you get the most saves that aspect is hardly there so the maps feel empty and a lot of your gametime is spent running and walking around it. So the stealth aspect ruined the experimenting aspect a little bit, which is why I liked 1's missions better. And the experimenting I would think would ruin the stealth, because it would be lame to be testing something out and die and have to do the all the stealth parts again (it involves a lot of waiting around).

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